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Navy Career Tools are web-based applications designed to support and enhance Sailor career management, retention and professional development. The CCC Toolbox Information Sheet (updated 27 JAN 2015, hyperlink on the right) identifies the online applications that Career Counselors must use to support Sailors, Sailor careers, and command career information programs. If you do not routinely use ALL of the applications listed below, both you and your Sailors will miss the many opportunities and advantages provided. User aids, including the "5 Tips for CCCs" series, will help you fully engage all your tools.

Sailor Career Development

Eight online applications form the basic Command Career
Counselor Toolbox. It is your responsibility to use these tools
to ensure Sailors are afforded every opportunity to achieve a
successful Navy career and subsequent transition to civilian life.

Career Information Management System (CIMS) (via NSIPS)

Career Management System/Interactive Detailing (CMS/ID)

Career Waypoint System (formerly Fleet RIDE)

Fleet Training Management and Planning System (FLTMPS)

Navy Retention Monitoring System (NRMS) (via NSIPS)

Officer Personnel Information System (OPINS) (via MIAP)

Transaction Online Processing System (TOPS)

Transition Assistance Program (DD Form 2648, 2648-1)

Required Actions

  • Use applications identified in the CCC Toolbox to support Sailor careers and manage command career information programs.
  • Direct Sailors to the Sailor Career Toolbox and be prepared to instruct them in how to use their toolset to develop and manage their careers.
  • Resource command personnel, including your Command Master Chief, Training Officer, and Education Services Officer.
  • Resource web sites, including Navy Knowledge Online (NKO), Naval Personnel Command (NPC), Navy College, and Navy Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC).
  • See the CCC Toolbox information sheet for a recommended list of official websites providing Navy career information and resources.
  • Resource references, including the Sailor Career Toolbox, NPC Career Handbook, Command Career Counselor Handbook (NAVPERS 15878K), Learning and Development Roadmaps (LaDRs), and the annual AllHands Owners’ and Operators’ Manual.
  • View Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for common Pay and Personnel processes, identify specific tasks required of Sailor, CPC, CCC and PSD/CSD, refer to SOPs when discussing processes and issues with your supporting PSD/CSD.