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Frequently Asked Questions


1.     Where do I find my MAP quota allocation?
The list of MAP quotas by UIC can be found on the NPC website at
2.     My UIC is not listed on the spreadsheet, who do I contact?
If your command/UIC is not listed on the quota spreadsheet, please contact NPC at  In your email, please include your command name, UIC and ISIC name and UIC.
3.     My command did not receive a quota(s), how do I request MAP quotas?   
All commands with E3-E5 personnel assigned can request quota(s) by submitting a Quota Request Letter (QRL) to your designated Echelon 2 Commander/Budget Submitting Office (BSO).  Personnel must be eligible for MAP advancement per the MAP NAVADMIN.  QRL letters must be submitted IAW the MAP NAVADMIN and directives from your designated Echelon 2/BSO.  An example QRL form can be downloaded via the NPC website at
4.     Who is my designated Echelon 2 Commander?
The designated Echelon 2 Commander/BSO for your UIC can be found within the MAP quota list.  Designated Echelon 2 Commands/BSO are major commanders or bureaus which are authorized manpower resources (e.g. billets).  A list of POCs for designated Echelon 2 Commanders is also contained on the MAP website.
5.     I have 4 MAP quotas, 1 E6, 1 E5, and 2 E4's.  Can I return my 2 E4 quotas and request 1 E6 quota?
Yes, returning one or more quotas does not preclude a command from requesting additional MAP quotas; however, it does not guarantee an additional quota.
6.     My command received 2 E4 Command MAP Quotas, how do I request an E5 MAP quota for our JSOY?
Commands that receive Command MAP Quotas must follow the same process to request a quota(s) as commands that do not receive Command MAP Quotas.  Your command must submit a QRL via your chain of command to the Echelon 2 Commander.  Please review question 3 above. 
7.     Will returning quotas affect my command's number of MAP quotas in the future? 
No.  Returning quotas will not reduce or affect quotas in the future.
8.     Who will distribute additional MAP quotas and what can be done to increase my chances of receiving additional quotas? 
Designated Echelon 2 Commands/BSOs will determine the redistribution process and have final determination of which commands will receive the quotas.  Your Echelon 2 Commander/BSO may have specific requirements for requesting a quota; however, requesting additional quotas in the QRL is a requirement.  Also, as a reminder, ensure your command is keeping in the spirit of the Meritorious Advancement Program by requesting additional quotas for your top performing Sailors. 
9.     How are quotas calculated and determined?
The total number of quotas, by paygrade, are calculated based on eligible E3 to E5 Billet Authorization (BA) only.  The specific number of quotas, if any, will depend on the size of the E3 to E5 BA at the command level.  The minimum number of E3-E5 billets to receive a quota at the command level is 15.  If you command has a total BA of 14 or less you are still eligible to receive a quota from your designated Echelon 2/BSO . This may result in an increase or decrease in quotas from previous years. 
10.  Can a command substitute quota(s)?
No.  Commands are not authorized to substitute paygrades for MAP quotas (e.g. utilize an E6 MAP quota to advance an E3 Sailor to E4 or vice versa).  MAP quotas are formulated based upon specific BA.  Substitution of quotas may cause over-execution of advancements at certain paygrades.
11.  Can a command utilize their quota(s) for subordinate UICs? 
YES.  In FY17 quotas are actually calculated based on the whole command, to include subordinate UICs..  MAP Quotas are distributed by command UIC and can be used to advance any Sailor permanently assigned, or TAD for greater than 30 days, to  the parent UIC or any of the subordinate UICs.  If this is applicable, the parent UIC will be reflected on the MAP quota list with any associated MAP quotas.  The CO is authorized to use allocated MAP quota(s) at any subordinate UIC.
12.  Are shore duty commands eligible for MAP for FY17?   
Yes, sea and shore duty commands are now both equally eligible for MAP and quotas are equitably distributed across duty types. 
13.  Can I advance PACT Sailors through MAP?   ​​
Yes. PACT sailors are eligible for advancement under MAP.  PACT Sailors must complete a minimum of 12 months-time onboard their permanent duty station, and have an approved quota for rating designation (i.e. approved quota in C-WAY) via the NWAE or Rating Entry Designation.  MAP advancement is not authorized for PACT Sailors with designation approval for A-School required ratings.  You must note the designation path quota type (NWAE or RED) in the MCL if a PACT Sailor is selected for MAP.
14.  Can I advance a Sailor who is transferring on 27 June 2016? 
No.  A MAP candidate must be attached to the MAP authorized command during the FY16 MAP Season.  However, the Command in this example could work with PERS to adjust the transfer date to 1 July.
15.  My command is a Pre-Commissioning Unit, are we eligible to MAP Sailors?
Yes. Pre-Commissioning Units are eligible for MAP. However, because pre-commissioning units current manning may not be reflected using BA, Command MAP Quota(s) may not have been allocated.  In this case, an Exception to Policy (ETP) to use Current On Board manning of E3 - E5 personnel as of 1 July 2017 to determine if and how many MAP quotas are authorized. 
16.  Can a Sailor who is reaching HYT during the open season be MAP advanced?
Yes, but MAP should not be used to save a Sailor that is required to separate for HYT.  MAP should be used to recognize your top performing Sailors.  In addition, a MAP advancement does not preclude a Sailor from requiring a CWAY quota in order to reenlist if inside of 14 years of service. 
17.  Can TAD personnel be MAP advanced?
Yes.  TAD personnel may be MAP advanced as long as they have been temporarily assigned (minimum of 30 consecutive days).
18.  What if I MAP a Sailor that has a Denied Final Active (DFA) in C-WAY? 
When a Sailor is advanced via MAP and has a DFA, that Sailor is given one (1) additional reenlistment look.  It is strongly recommended that the Sailor select "In-Rate, Willing to Convert" to increase the chance of a being approved to reenlist.
19.  Are SELRES sailors eligible for MAP? 
MAP will be open to SELRES Sailors during this MAP Season.  Policy, guidance and quota distribution for SELRES will be outlined in a future ALNAVRESFOR. Navy Recruiting Districts (NRD) will have one MAP quota per NRD for Reserve Sailors filling Canvasser Recruiter (CANREC) billets.
20.  What is MAP Open Season?
MAP Open Season runs from 1 July 2017 to 31 August 2017 and is the time frame when MAP authorized commands are required to submit their MAP Certification Letter.  It is also when the advancement for MAP Sailors will occur, 1 July 2017 or the date of the CO’s MCL, whichever is later. 
21.  What is MAP Redistribution Season?
 MAP Redistribution Season runs from 1 September 2017 to 30 September 2017.  During Redistribution Season, unused quotas are redistributed by the Echelon II Commanders/BSOs to recognize high performing Sailors.  In order to receive a quota(s) during redistribution season, the command MUST request a quota(s) using the QRL.  The Echelon II Command/BSO may redistribute any unused quotas if available. 
22.  Can a Command advance multiple times during the "Open Season?" 
No.  Only one MCL must be submitted during the "Open Season".  Negative responses are required.  An additional MCL may be required if awarded additional quotas during redistribution season.
23.  Do I send my Map Certification letter to my ISIC or directly to PERS 8? 
Each command must send their MAP Certification Letter directly to PERS 8 and cc their ISIC and TYCOM.
24.  When is the earliest that I can submit my MAP Certification Letter to PERS-8?    
Commands are encouraged to submit their MCL as early as possible to ensure Sailors are advanced expeditiously, however, the Sailor(s) will be advanced on 1 July 2017 or the date of the CO’s MCL, whichever is later.
25.  How long will it take for my command to be notified that my MAP certification letter is validated before my Sailor(s) is advanced? 
The command should be notified within 8 business days from submission that the certification letter is valid and the Sailors are eligible to be advanced.  Commands are highly encouraged to notify their MAP Sailors as soon as possible after receiving the valid MCL notification email from PERS 81.  Sailors may find out through pay and personnel systems if not notified immediately.
26.  Do I have to submit an additional Map Certification Letter if approved for additional quotas?
Yes.  If your command is authorized additional MAP quotas, an additional MAP Certification Letter is required to be submitted and received by PERS 81 NLT 30 September 2017. 
27.  Once my command receives confirmation that the certification letter is valid, does my command need to contact PSD to make the NSIPS entry?
No.  Under the revised MAP Process, PERS 81 will provide NPPSC with a list of valid MAP selects.  NPPSC will then make all MAP advancement entries in NSIPS and your MAP Sailors should see their new paygrade and pay increase within one to two pay periods.
28.  If a CO grants a Time In Rate (TIR) waiver, must that be annotated on the MAP Certification Letter?
Yes.  If a Sailor is granted a TIR waiver, it must state that a TIR waiver was granted on the letter for that E5 Sailor receiving an EP on the most recent observed periodic evaluation.
29.  Our best Sailor is in a controlled rate, how do I MAP this Sailor?
Some rates have high risk of negative community health impact (e.g. zero NWAE opportunity) if MAP is over-executed.  To mitigate this risk, CO’s must receive authorization from their designated Echelon 2 Commander/BSO prior to submitting their MCL for a Sailor in a controlled rate.  The controlled rate request letter must be submitted to the designated Echelon 2 Command via the chain of command NLT 1 June 2017, however your chain of command may require submissions prior to 1 June 2017.  An example controlled request letter can be found on the MAP website.
30.  How many controlled rates are there, and which ones are they?
·       7 for Active Component: CTM1, GSM1, LSS1, MMA1, MR1, SH1, YNS1.
·       16 for Full Time Support:AD1, AE1, AME1, AO1,AS1, AT1, AWF1, AZ1, BM1, CS1, DC1, EM1, ET1, IT1, PR1, AWF2.  
31.   Where do commands submit an Exception to Policy (ETP)?
Each BSO/Ech 2 command is the approval authority for most exceptions to policy (ETP) for their subordinate commands (e.g. late submissions). Any ETP request will be submitted via the chain of command.  Director, Military Personnel Plans and Policy (N13) is the determining authority for MAP eligibility ETPs. Any MAP eligibility ETP request will be submitted to OPNAV N13, via the chain of command (e.g. ISIC and designated Echelon 2) and copy PERS-8.  An endorsement for each echelon level of the chain of command is required. 
32.  What is the effective date of advancement for Sailors advanced through the MAP program? 
The effective date of advancement is the date of the CO’s MCL or 1 July 2017, whichever is later.
33.  What is the limiting date for MAP advancements?
The limiting date is not applicable for MAP advancement.  The effective date of advancement is the date of the MAP Certification Letter or 1 July 2017, whichever is later.
34.  What is the Time-In-Rate (TIR) requirements for MAP?
To further empower COs to select their best Sailors for MAP based on performance instead of timing, the TIR requirements for MAP advancement are further modified.  TIR is effectively eliminated for meritorious advancement for E3 to E4 and E4 to E5.  E5 Sailors must have a minimum of two years TIR for MAP advancement; however the CO may waive up to one year for an E5 Sailor with an EP on the most recent periodic evaluation (i.e. E5 Sailor with an EP can be advanced with one year TIR).  Sailors may only be advanced one paygrade and may not be advanced from a frocked status.
35.  What are the important dates for MAP? 
  • 1 June 2017 – Quota Request Letters and Controlled Rate Requests are due to the designated Echelon 2 Commander/BSOs.
  • 30 June 2017 – Echelon 2 Commanders/BSOs will adjudicate and notify commands of approval/disapproval of Quota Requests and Controlled Rate Endorsements.
  • 1 July 2017 – MAP “Open Season” begins.  This is the earliest date of advancement for MAP.
  • 31 August 2017 – MAP “Open Season” closes.  All MCLs (or negative responses) are due to PERS 81.
  • 1 September 2017 – MAP “Redistribution Season” opens.  Echelon 2 Commands may redistribute quotas to commands that requested quotas in their QRL.
  • 30 September 2017 – MAP “Redistribution Season” closes.  All additional MCLs are due to PERS 81.


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