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Officer Retirements

PERS 8353 Division


Retirement Orders
Processes voluntary and statutory retirement orders and routes the orders through losing placement and detailing community.

Statement of Service
Calculates creditable service for retired pay by constructing a retirement statement of service.

New Accessions
Verify and correct active duty service dates, pay entry base dates, active commissioned base dates and health professional service dates, if applicable, for newly commissioned officers.

Facilitates the request for reversion to the highest enlisted or warrant officer grade held and processes orders for transfer to the Fleet Reserve.

Age Waiver
Facilitates the request to be retained on active duty beyond the statutory age retirement date.

Retire Retain
Facilitates the request of an officer to be retained in a retired status which is beyond the statutory retirement date.

Highest Grade Held
Facilitates the request of an enlisted member or Chief Warrant Officer who was transferred to the Fleet Reserve that may be eligible to be advanced on the retired list to the highest officer grade held satisfactorily as determined by the Secretary of the Navy.

Retirement calculators for Active Duty and Reserve are available.