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The Navy Reserve Officer Incentive website has been updated and now contains information and Contingency Addendums for Navy Reserve Recruiting and Retention incentive programs impacted by NDAA 2008.   

PERS-911: Reserve Officer Status

Processes and adjudicates Reserve officer gains, Ready Reserve Agreements, Statements of Service, interservice transfers, change of designator requests, attrition, discharges and resignations, retention/continuation, age waivers, ACIP updates, and AQD and NOBC requests.  Notifies officers of impending reserve status changes.

For Joint Officer Management Informationfollow the below link:

PERS-912:  Reserve Personnel Administration

Processes Reserve officer retirements.  Maintains retirement point records for all reservists.

PERS-92:  Reserve Board Support and FTS Management

Manages the Reserve Officer Two and Three Year Recall and officer Canvasser Recruiter Programs.  Coordinates the conduct of the FTS Transfer/Redesignation, FTS CDR SERAD, FTS CAPT Selective Retention Boards and assists BUPERS-318 with LDO/CWO community management and conducts the Reserve In-Service Procurement Board for LDO/CWO. Processes frocking requests for all Reserve officers.

BUPERS-318: Reserve Officer Community Management (both SELRES and FTS)

Develops policy guidance and strength plans for Selected Reserve and FTS officer programs. Develops the fiscal year Reserve Officer (to include FTS) Promotion Plans and the Reserve Officer Continuation and Retention Plan. Sponsors the FTS Transfer/Redesignation, FTS CDR SERAD, and FTS CAPT Selective Retention Boards. 

NAVY PERSONNEL COMMAND: 5720 Integrity Drive, Millington TN 38055-0000 
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