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The Chief Warrant Officer (CWO) Community is comprised of 9 designators. 
    Officer designator codes are four-digit numbers used to group officers by categories for personnel accounting and administrative purposes and to identify the status of officers.  These codes identify, through the first three digits, the categories in which officers are appointed and/or designated and through the fourth digit, the status of the officers within the various categories.

   711X. . . .Boatswain (Surface)
   712X. . . .Operations Technician (Surface)
   713X. . . .Engineering Technician (Surface)
   715X. . . .Special Warfare Technician
   716X. . . .Ordnance Technician (Surface)
   717X. . . .Combat Craft Technician
   742X. . . .Data Processing Technician
   744X. . . .Information Warfare
   745X. . . .Intelligence Technician