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Level of Coverage/Cost

Level of Coverage

You may elect to provide RCSBP coverage for a survivor based on the full amount of your retirement pay or a reduced amount, but not less than $300.00.  Full coverage is required for an insurable interest beneficiary.


There is no cost for RCSBP coverage until you reach age 60 or sooner if retired under NDAA 2008 and receive retirement pay.  At that time, the monthly cost will be withheld from your retirement pay and will be based on your age and the age of your eligible beneficiary at the time of the election.  The service member who lives beyond age 60 and the potential beneficiary share the cost of providing RCSBP coverage.  The survivor's share of the cost will be in the form of a reduction applied to the annuity.  There is no additional cost to cover children under a spouse/child election, unless the child will still be an eligible beneficiary when you reach age 60.

If you elected spouse coverage and lose your spouse through death or divorce prior to age 60 and have no beneficiary upon receipt of retirement pay, participation costs will not be deducted from your retirement pay.