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PERS-951: Medical Hold (MEDHOLD).  The MEDHOLD program authorizes short-term medical care for reservists who incur or aggravate an injury, illness or disease that results in an unfitting condition (as determined by a military medical provider) while on continuous active duty orders for more than 30 days.  If authorized, member may be retained on active duty, with member’s consent, until found fit for duty or until final disposition is determined by the Physical Evaluation Board (PEB).  Elective medical/dental treatment is not authorized.  Reference SECNAVINST 1770.3 series and NAVADMIN 124/11.

PERS-952: Line of Duty Healthcare (LOD-HC).  The LOD-HC program authorizes medical and/or dental care for reservists who incur or aggravate an injury, illness or disease in the line of duty.  If authorized, members may receive medical benefits for approved diagnosis/es until found fit for duty with no additional follow-up required or until final disposition is determined by the Physical Evaluation Board (PEB).  Members on an approved LOD-HC may also be eligible for incapacitation pay.  Reference SECNAVINST 1770.3 series.

Do not submit a request for LOD-HC benefits if the condition incurred or aggravated in the line of duty is resolved and no healthcare expenses or lost wages were incurred as a result of the condition.

PERS-953: Medical Retention Review (MRR).  An MRR package is submitted to PERS-953 for reservists who develop, or have a material change in, a potentially disqualifying medical condition that is not expected to resolve within 180 days and is likely to prevent member from safely/effectively fulfilling the responsibilities of their rank/rating or interfere with mobilization.  PERS-953 adjudicates MRR packages and assigns Physical Risk Classification (PRC) codes.  Some PRC codes require a waiver to perform certain assignments.  Reference MILPERSMAN 6110-020 and RESPERSMAN 6000-010.

Please check with program managers listed below for current processes.



Division Director / Medical Status Review Officer 901-874-3320
Senior Medical Officer 901-874-4202
Senior Enlisted Advisor 901-874-3436
Admin 901-874-4919/4245
Program Manager

901-874-4212 MEDHOLD@NAVY.MIL

Program Assistant 901-874-2828 MEDHOLD@NAVY.MIL
Region Mid-Atlantic Norfolk Program Manager 901-874-3284 LOD_MIDLANT_NRFK@NAVY.MIL
Region Mid-Atlantic Great Lakes Program Manager 901-874-4257 LOD_MIDLANT_GRTLKS@NAVY.MIL 
Region Southeast Jacksonville Program Manager 901-874-4236 LOD_SE_JACKSONVILLE@NAVY.MIL
Region Southeast Fort Worth Program Manager 901-874-4244    LOD_SE_FTWRTH@NAVY.MIL
Region Southwest Program Manager 901-874-4831    LOD_SOUTHWEST@NAVY.MIL
Region Northwest Program Manager 901-874-4257     LOD_NORTHWEST@NAVY.MIL
SAPR Program Manager 901-874-4831
Program Manager 901-874-3221 PERS-9_MRR@NAVY.MIL