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Welcome to the Individual Ready Reserve!



1.  Current changes you need to know.  All personnel in the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) - Active Status Pool (ASP) will be impacted by the recent implementation of Department of Defense (DoD) mandated cyber security measures.  A growing number of DoD sites are now only accessible via a Common Access Card (CAC).  This includes BUPERS Online and Navy Knowledge Online.


Available correspondence courses for Reserve Retirement Points are listed in the link below:

Approved IRR Correspondence Course List

Approved IRR Correspondence Course List with start dates after 01 JUN 2015

-  Your Annual Retirement Point Record/Annual Statement of Service History can be retrieved by contacting:

PERS-912 by calling the NPC Customer Service Center at 1-866-U-ASK-NPC

2. Organizational structure.  The Navy Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) is a force that consists of personnel who must fulfill their Military Service Obligation (MSO) under Title 10, United States Code, 651, and members fulfilling a service obligation incurred via contract.

The IRR is subdivided into the Active Status Pool (ASP) and the Volunteer Training Unit (VTU).  The ASP is a manpower pool consisting of individuals who have previously served in the active component or in the Selected Reserves (SELRES) and now serve in a non-pay, non-drill status. NAVPERSCOM (PERS-93) is responsible for ASP screening and management. The VTU consists of personnel, organized into units, who serve in a non-pay, drill requirement status.  Navy Operational Support Centers (NOSCs), under the cognizance of NAVRESFORCOM, are responsible for the continual screening and management of their attached VTUs.

Inquiries may be directed to

****************************NOTE 2*******************************

-  Your Individual Ready Reserve Annual Screening formerly found on BOL can now be accessed at:

Individual Ready Reserve Annual Screening (NAVPERS 1080/3)

If you are experiencing issues with accessing the Individual Ready Reserve Annual Screening (NAVPERS 1080/3) link, please try the following steps:

1) Right click the above link "Individual Ready Reserve Annual Screening (NAVPERS 1080/3)"

2) Click "Save Target As"

3) Save the document to your "Desktop"

4) Browse to your desktop and open the document

****************************NOTE 3*******************************

In order to successfully view and record your responses on this "fillable" PDF document, ensure you are using Adobe Reader 9.1 or higher.  This unencrypted form may be transmitted via e-mail to: or submitted via conventional mail to:  Navy Personnel Command, ATTN PERS 93, 5720 Integrity Drive, Millington, TN 38055-9000.  Mailing is encouraged since it provides the best protection for your personal data, and any responses deemed sensitive.  The use of a facsimile (fax machine) is not a secure means to transmit your personal information, and is not recommended. If documents must be faxed, a Privacy Act Data Cover Sheet (DD form 2923) must precede your annual screening.   Submit your virtual muster sheet to PERS-93  IRR via email or  via fax number 1-901-874-2363.  Your date of submission will be your effective date of compliance.