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Document Submission 

The guidelines for submitting both Officer and Enlisted OMPF documents are contained in BUPERSINST 1070.27, and the NAVY MILITARY PERSONNEL MANUAL (articles in the 1070 series).

Document Submission Responsibility

The servicing PSD or Personnel Office is the primary source for preparing and submitting documents (Officer and Enlisted) to Navy Personnel Command for inclusion in the OMPF.  See Documents Correction on correcting documents.

Other Agency Requirements

Some documents may be required to be sent to another agency or another NPC PERS-Code before we can file the document into the OMPF record.  The "Remarks" column in enclosure (2) of BUPERSINST 1070.27 addresses this requirement.

Some of the most common documents that need to be forwarded to another office prior to inclusion into the OMPF are:

  • Official Transcripts (that indicate a degree or college credits was earned):  Submit only Official Transcripts in envelopes sealed by the university (diploma/certificates will not be accepted) to:
    • Officers must mail transcripts to:
      •   Navy Personnel Command
          5720 Integrity Drive
          Millington, TN  38055-4500
    •  Enlisted must submit to:

Note:  Transcripts must be submitted by one of the offices listed above regardless whether they are listed in SMART, ODC, OSR, PSR, ESR or any other corporate data record.

  • Evaluation Reports, Fitness Reports (this includes any documents that pertain to them such as correction letters, extension letters; and statements) – Must be sent to:
  • U.S. Military Decorations (Personal Awards like NAM, NCM, MSM)  – Must be sent to:

Document Submission Criteria

A member may submit documents under cover letter that do not fall under the control of the servicing PSD/Personnel Office or that require submission to a different agency/office.

Note:  Standard Naval Forms (example: NAVPERS 1070/604; 1070/613) is under the control of the PSD/Personnel Office (record holder) and can not be submitted by the member.

When submitting documents to other offices or agencies you must ensure the below criteria is met.  The other offices/agencies will only process your document(s) to update your online record and will forward the document(s) to PERS-313 for filing to the OMPF record.

Once the document(s) are received by PERS-313 and they fail to meet the below criteria, the document(s) will not be filed to record:

  • The document is the “Original Signed” service record copy of the document if required by the regulation directing the documents filing in the OMPF, i.e. Original Record of Emergency Data, Original NAVPERS 1070/604 or 1070/613 from the Field Service Record.
  • The document is of actual size – no reduction or enlargement
  • If the document is a copy, such as an Award Citation; ensure it is of good quality with black lettering and white background – no fuzziness or light print (Do Not submit colored prints - colored prints do not scan well to the OMPF)
  • The document does not contain Privacy Act information on another service member
  • The document does not duplicate information already in the OMPF record (example: Do not submit course completion certificates if already recorded onto the page 4’s (NAVPERS 1070/604).  The same also applies, do not submit these certificates because they should be recorded onto the page 4’s.
  • The SSN is recorded on the document – if not, handwrite in the upper left corner

For additional guidance on submission requirements, see enclosure 1 to the BUPERINST 1070.27.

Fax / Email Attachments

Faxed documents or email attachments will not be accepted for filing into the OMPF record.  (See "Important Notes" under Contact Us for additional guidance on submission)

Full SSN Required on All Submitted Documents

It is critical to ensure the SSN is on each document submitted.  If a document does not have a complete SSN present or the SSN is incorrect, the document will be placed on hold until it can be researched and this will increase the time required to get the document into the OMPF. 

It is every Sailor's responsibility to maintain a copy of any and all service record documents (this includes documents that are not filed into the OMPF record) in a secure location for safe keeping.

NAVY PERSONNEL COMMAND: 5720 Integrity Drive, Millington TN 38055-0000 
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