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Our Organizational Mailbox (MILL_OMPF-CHG) Procedures

If you do not wish to send information over the internet/mailbox, you must mail the request to the address below.

When submitting an email please do not list any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in the Subject line of the email (the information in the Subject is not protected).

Note:  Any part of the SSN is now considered PII (example: last four digits of the SSN is PII and must be protected.

You can submit an encrypt email to our Organizational Mailbox, please ensure any PII information is listed in the body of the email and not the subject line.

Issues/Questions related to NDAWS, ODC, OSR, or PSR (data type records) must be directed to the NPC’s Customer Service Center at

If you have submitted a request to our Organizational Mailbox, your request is here pending process/review.  We do not open the emails as they arrive, only when we are ready to process it (this could take up to 30 days).

We do not respond to emails sent for record corrections, an auto-reply message is sent to you once your email arrives (see below regarding auto-reply messages).  Please review your OMPF record periodically for the change (you can review your record in real-time using "OMPF - My Record" - see our webpage under Official Military Personnel File (OMPF) - My Record).

When we process a request if there is missing information (or the request contains action for another office) we will close the request without any action taken and reply back to the sender. To avoid this and prolonging the time to correct your record we strongly request that you review our FAQ section and read the "Important Notes" below.

POC for OMPF Corrections

Please read "Important Notes" below prior to contacting us or sending in requests.

Send corrections to:

Email (text version):

Mailing Address:

MILLINGTON TN 38055-3130

Important Notes

Please submit only one request for record corrections, either via email, or mail.  Submitting more than one request can result in incorrect document removal. If you are sending another request please indicate in your correspondence of your previous action and that method you used.

When sending a request via email please do not send the request as an attachment, put your request with all required information into the text body of the email request.

Ensure your Name, SSN, and an email address is in your request.

Do not submit questions or request for corrections regarding your ODC/PSR/ESR/OSR (These are your Online Records – not the same as OMPF), or Evaluations / Fitness Reports.

If you require another office to correct your record(s) you will have to contact them directly:

The email account above is used only for corrections to the OMPF CDROM.  When submitting an email to us using this account an auto-reply will be sent to your email account that your request has arrived, depending on how you have your personal email account setup this auto-reply may be treated as spam mail.

All other questions can be submitted to NPC’s Customer Service Center at

Please read "Document Submission" before sending documents to us.

If you have questions or recommendations about our web pages that fall under “Military Personnel Records”, please email them to us using the email address listed above. Please indicate in subject line “Website Issue”.  Thank you.

NAVY PERSONNEL COMMAND: 5720 Integrity Drive, Millington TN 38055-0000 
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