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Officer Resignations



PERS-834F processes all unqualified (favorable) resignation requests, Interservice Transfer (IST) requests, contingent resignations, and Release from Active Duty (RAD) requests.  MILPERSMAN 1920-190 & 200 are the primary references to follow when submitting resignation requests.


    MILPERSMAN 1920-190 (Types of Resignations by Officers)

MILPERSMAN 1920-200 (Officer Resignation Procedures)


Resignation requests can be mailed to PERS-834F to the address listed below, by fax, or sent in pdf format by email to PERS-834F@navy.milEmail submissions are highly recommended and preferred.  All requests must be submitted 9-12 months prior to the desired separation date. In some instances, due to the notification time limits, officers desiring to resign may be prohibited from tendering a resignation during the slating process. To prevent this from happening, notify Pers-834F and your detailer by email or by official letter of your intent to resign. This notification must reach NPC no less than 6 months prior to your Projected Rotation Date (PRD).

Address/Fax (Please adhere to PII requirements when sending documentation):

PERS-834F mailing address: (For all correspondence including FEDEX)

MILLINGTON TN 38055-8340

PERS-834F fax number:                  (901) 874-2625


Requests take an average 12-16 weeks for processing. If your request requires any type of waiver (advanced education obligated service, bonuses, special pay,  Minimum Tour for Separation (MTS), Minimum Service Requirement (MSR), etc) you may incur an additional 8 weeks of processing time. 

If you are unsure of which month/year you should request in regards to time owed for advanced education obligated service, bonuses, special pay,  Minimum Tour for Separation (MTS), Minimum Service Requirement (MSR), etc. or what best aligns your desired resignation month/year with Prescribed Rotation Date (PRD), or Time On Station (TOS), please contact your detailer for clarification.  In accordance with the Officer Transfer Manual, your detailer has the ultimate responsibility for determining obligated service and dates concerning resignation. 

After sending your resignation request to PERS-834F, you and your current Command will receive confirmation via message traffic and BOL that your request has been received for processing.  If you do not receive confirmation within 2 WEEKS after your Command has forwarded your request to PERS-834F, please call NPC’s customer service call center, 1-866-827-5672 for routing to PERS-834F.

If you have less than 8 years active service, you will be required to accept a reserve appointment for the time remaining or if you have greater than 8 years active service and you wish to affiliate with the reserves, contact PERS-9 Career Transition Office (CTO) for questions.

If you choose to actively drill, you will need to contact a Reserve Center and make your arrangements. PERS-834F cannot do this for you.

Job hunting/House-hunting (permissive TDY) is not authorized for resignation/RADs.

All separation orders are written to complete separation processing no later than the last day of the month. You may separate on the day of your choice providing you have command approval and have completed all separation processing. You do not need to contact PERS-834F or your Detailer regarding actual date of separation. Separation orders are issued approximately 4-6 months prior to month of separation in order to allow sufficient time for household goods shipment. You do not need to contact PERS-834F if you are granted separation leave.

If you are currently going through any administrative action for separation, please go to the PERS-834 website for more information.


We can be reached by email at or by phone:

Lead Action Officer                                                 COMM:  (901) 874-2085 

Action Officer                                                        COMM:  (901) 874-2095



Please email
to send us your feedback.  We are always looking to improve and we need your suggestions.  We are very interested to know how your customer service experience has been, and what we can do to make the process easier for our Sailors. 


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