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The Reporting Senior’s Cumulative Average Report and the Reporting Senior's Submission Report can both be accessed by Navy Reporting Seniors, Civilian Reporting Seniors and other uniformed services Reporting Seniors  on BUPERS Online (BOL). 

Reporting Seniors can verify the status of reports on BUPERS Online (BOL).  If a review of the Reporting Senior's Submission report indicates a report has been rejected, please contact PERS-32 for correction procedures.  A Reporting Senior does not have to wait on official reject notification from PERS-32.

The Individual Continuity Report can also be accessed on BOL by all Navy personnel in pay grades E-5 and above.  Just click on the Fitrep/Eval Reports icon. 

 If you are a US Navy servicemember, you already have an account.  To login for the first time, use your SSN as your login ID and your birth date in YYYYMMDD format as your password.  Once you login, you will be prompted to change your password.  Civilian Reporting Seniors and other uniformed services Reporting Seniors can request a BUPERS Online Account by calling the Helpdesk, 901 874-4717/option 3/DSN 882.  Reporting Seniors can also request their Reporting Senior Cummulative Average Report and Reporting Senior's Submission Report from PERS-32 by submitting a letter signed by the Reporting Senior.  "By direction" is not authorized.  This request may be received by mail, fax or email.

A Reporting Seniors Cumulative Average can not be given to anyone other than the Reporting Senior unless so stated in the Reporting Senior's request.

Our "Contacts" link provides information for forwarding requests to PERS-32.