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Navy Language, Regional Expertise and Culture


Effective communication enabled through awareness of foreign cultures, regional expertise, and skill in foreign languages. 

Navy's Language, Regional Expertise and Culture (LREC) Program

Foreign language proficiency, regional expertise, and cultural capabilities are critical competencies essential to DoD and Navy missions.  Navy's LREC program is part of the DoD-wide program, and managed to maximize LREC capabilities through recruitment and accession policies, skill development, maintenance, enhancement, employment, and incentives aligned to mission needs.


Navy LREC Office

Navy's LREC office (OPNAV N13F) increases these skills across the Fleet through:

  • Building sufficient LREC capacity to meet mission needs.
  • Aligning LREC capabilities with operational requirements.
  • Maximizing opportunities at existing education and training structures, leveraging ethnic diversity, rewarding language proficiency.
  • Developing agile, responsive LREC plans and policies to deliver best value.

 N13F Programs

LREC Program

Foreign Area Officer (FAO) Community

Personnel Exchange Program (PEP)

Combating Irregular Challenges (CIC) - Education and Training

Afghanistan - Pakistan (AFPAK) Hands


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