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Enlisted Career Administration

The Enlisted Career Administration department (PERS-81) administers and implements enlisted career administration statutes, regulations, and policies relating to: extensions and reenlistments;  incentives; lateral and forced conversions; active duty advancement; reserve advancement and conversions.

This site includes:

PERS-811 Enlisted Active Programs

PERS-811A:  Incentives(SRB, SDAP, Phased EB, STAR, SCORE)
PERS-811B:  Reenlistments, Extensions and OTT
PERS-811E:  Lateral and Forced Conversions

PERS-812 Advancement and Reserve Administration

PERS-812A:  Navy Enlisted Advancement Systems (NEAS).  Active Duty advancement related directives, procedures and hot topics.
PERS-812B:  FTS/SELRES Reserve Administration. 
Reserve advancement related directives, procedures and hot topics.    Reserve rating conversions and advancement determinations.

Visit the Boards section of the website for Active Duty and Reserve Enlisted E7-E9 Advancement Selection Boards.