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 Career Administration Department
Navy Enlisted Advancement Systems (NEAS)
Active Duty/Reserve Advancements

 Work Request Time Frame
EMF Updates - 1 to 2 Weeks
Restoration of Rate - 6 to 8 Weeks
Advancement Determination - 6 to 8 Weeks


Meritorious Advancement Program

MAP Certification Letter (MCL) Template - FY17


MCL Assistance

Quota or Controlled Rate Request FY17 



Navy Advancement Center

Advancement Examination Readiness Review Information

Advancement Examination Readiness Review (AERR) panels develop and review rating examination material from which enlisted advancement examinations are created.  Chiefs, Senior Chiefs and Master Chiefs provided by Fleet and shore-based commands are invited to attend their respective rating's AERR.  A Nomination Package is required to be considered.  For more information and nomination package requests, contact Cheryl Dengler at   Funding for TAD is provided by The Navy Advancement Center.  To view the current AERR schedule, click on ​link below

AERR schedule



NOTE:  BUPERSINST 1430.16F, Chapter 7, para 719b

Competitive Category Change

States that a member who changes competitive categories (USN to USN(FTS)) prior to publication of Navy Wide Examination results must notify NETPDTC to ensure exams are graded in the correct category.  Commands should execise caution when dealing with conversions that change a member's competitive category; changing rates and category prior to exam publication could invalidate a member's examination.  For more information contact PERS 8031 directly.  


**REVISED CY212 CTI groups**

1Jun11:  The following information supersedes NAVADMIN 133/11.  Effective CY212 (SEP2011), the CTI community will have 4 vice 6 competitive groups. 

Revised grouping is as follows:
Group 1 (EMC B511) Arabic/Persian-Farsi/Hebrew
Group 2 (EMC B512) Chinese/Korean
Group 3 (EMC B515) Spanish
Group 4 (EMC B516) Russian


 **Security Clearance eligiblity requirements **  
 (BI1430.16F, para 204/714; cycle NAVADMIN)

All E4-E6 candidates in a rating requiring security clearance eligibility SHALL NOT participate in a NWAE if they do not have a favorable adjudication from DODCAF or a Commanding Officer issued Interim Clearance reflecting in JPAS prior to the date annotated on the cycle NAVADMIN--NO EXCEPTIONS!!




PERS-8031 may update a Sailor's advancement status within the EMF/IMAPMIS after all local avenues to resolve have failed (i.e. submission of NSIPS trouble ticket).  To request an EMF/IMAPMIS update, the servicing ESO must submit an electronic request to: (Active duty)
  OR (Reserve/FTS) 

EMF update requests must at a minimum include:
1.  effected Sailors FULL name and rate
2.  copy of applicable substantiating documents
3.  amplifying information pertaining to request
4.  ESO POC information

Do not include any part of the member's SSN.

**PERS-8031 processing time for EMF/IMAPMIS updates is 1-2 weeks.



NWAE Results will be released to BOL for "Command" Representatives 24 to 48 hours prior to individual results notification to NKO.

Candidates must meet all eligibility criteria set-forth in the cycle NAVADMIN and BI
1430.16F (ch 2) prior to the regularly scheduled exam date for their paygrade. 

Only those materials specifically identified and listed in BI1430.16F, the applicable advancement NAVADMIN, and the General Verbatim Instructions are authorized for use during exam administration.  No other examining material or instruments may be brought into the examining room.  Use of unauthorized material will result in exam invalidation and loss of advancement opportunity for the exam cycle.  Ratings which require and are authorized use of specialized materials during the exam are:  ETV, FT, MN, MU, OS, QM, and STS.  NO OTHER RATINGS are authorized use of specialized materials (I.E., CS conversion table). 




RATE        MONTH            YEAR          CYCLE          NAVADMIN

E4-E6        MAR                 2018           239                252/17

E4-E6        FEB                  2018           102                207/17

E7             JAN                  2018           238                175/17

E4-E6        SEP                  2017           236                070/17

E4-E6        AUG                 2017           101                041/17

E4-E6        MAR                 2017           235                226/16

E4-E6         FEB                 2017           100                201/16

E7              JAN                 2017           234                185/16

E4-E6         SEP                 2016           232                083/16

E4-E6        AUG                 2016           099                074/16





Security Clearance 
1.  BI1430.16F, para 204  Applicable ratings must maintain, at a minimum, continuous eligibility

2.  SECNAV 5510.30 
     8-1.5:  DODCAF single auth for eligiblity determination
     7-1.5:  DODCAF establishes eligibility AFTER ADJUDICATION of investigation
     7-3.4.a: "Secuirty Clearance" refers to a state that exists whenever eligiblity has been established AND command has granted access; 
"Security Clearance Eligibility" refers to DODCAF determination
     7-3.4.b: Command granted access to classified info pending DODCAF determination is called "temporary
" vice "interim clearance" and is an access determination under command purview

Undesignated Sailors (Strikers)
1.  NAVADMIN 197/09 Improved Rating Designation for  top performing Sailors 
-provides 3 paths for designation: NWAE; 'A' school; direct designation
      -ALL designation requests must be submitted via C-WAY application
-RACK/STACK for period of MAR-AUG applies to September NWAE
       -RACK/STACK for period of SEP-FEB applies to March NWAE
 2.  NAVADMIN 318/07 Implementation of Professional Apprenticeship Career 
                               Tracks (PACT)

Performance Mark Average (PMA)
 1.  BI 1610.10B, chapter 16
     -advancement recommendations and PMA calculation
 2.  BI 1430.16F, para 309 
     -computing PMA
 3.  NAVADMIN 215/10 Performance Evaluation and Advancement  
                               guidance for IA Sailors
 4.  NAVADMIN 083/10 Revised Performance and Advancement policy
 5.  NAVADMIN 193/10 Change to PFA documentation on Fitness Reports
 6.  NAVADMIN 286/10 Revised E5 Promotion Recommendation rules

 Final Multiple Score (FMS) calculation
 1.  NAVADMIN 259/10  SPECWAR alternative FMS implementation

 Education Points
 1.  NAVADMIN 301/07  Education Points for E4-E6  
 2.  PPIB 11-13  Updating Education Level for Advancement   
      -Virtual Education Center was replaced by the Joint Service Transcript Office (JST).  JST is the sole entity to update a Sailors education level w/in the Official Military Personnel File (OMPF).  

***For Education Points to be inclusive in the FMS of an exam, the award date of the diploma/degree MUST BE PRIOR to the date of the regularly scheduled exam.  Completion of degree requirements prior to exam date does not suffice for the requirement of an accredited degree.

 Award Points
 1.  NAVADMIN 167/09  Increase to maximum allowed award points on 
                                the E4-E6 FMS with in-theater service
 2.  SECNAV 1650.1H, chapter 1, section 1, para 113 
     -duplicate awards

 Time-in-Rate (TIR)
 1.  NAVADMIN 367/10  TIR calculation
 2.  BI 1430.16F, para 216
 3.  BI 1430.16f, para 216.e.4.b, Reinstatement to paygrade E2 and E3.
      -COs/OICs have auth to reinstate mbr to E2 or E3 ANYTIME after
       NJP RIR; completion of TIR not required

Update to CO/OICs authority to reinstate E2-E4 NAVADMIN 200/17

 1.  MILPERSMAN 1420-060 
     -frocking of enlisted personnel
 2.  BI 1430.16F, para 711 
     -removal of authority to be frocked
 3.  NAVADMIN 272/08
     -Required Enlisted Navy Leadership Development before frocking
 4.  OPNAVINST 6110.1J, encl (2), para 1.c  
     -Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) administrative actions

 1.  NAVADMIN 272/08  Enlisted Navy Leadership Development

 High Year Tenure (HYT)
 1.  MILPERSMAN 1160-120
 2.  MILPERSMAN 1160-130
     -HYT (SELRES)
 3.  BI 1430.16F, para 209.a 
     -Transfer to Fleet Reserve (FLTRES)
 4.  NAVADMIN 143/17 updated HYT gates for E4-E6 

Enlisted Warfare Qualifications
 1.  BI 1430.16F, para 213
 2.  NAVADMIN 268/10 Navy Enlisted Warfare Qualification Programs
      -TYCOM establishes/maintains instruction that delineates formal 
        procedures for their specific program

 3.  OPNAVINST 1414.9
      -Qual and/or requal is mandatory for all enlisted Sailors assigned
       to a designated warfare qualifying command

 1.  NAVADMIN 336/07 Administration of NWAE for Sailors in Iraq, AFG, & HOA
 2.  BI 1430.16F, para 614
     -Candidates affected by assignment to Iraq, AFG, & HOA
 3.  NAVADMIN 334/10 IA Gram 08
 4.  NAVADMIN 332/10 IA Gram 10

***NAVADMIN 336/07 establishes criteria for E7/LDO candidates serving in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Horn of Africa who may be waived from participation in the CPO advancement exam.  Although Sailors may be exempt from taking the exam, they ARE NOT AUTOMATICALLY Selection Board Eligible (SBE).  Establishement of SBE status is accomplished and verified via issuance of an exam profile sheet.  Sailors who do not have a valid profile sheet for the applicable cycle ARE NOT SBE.  To execute selection board eligiblity, servicing ESO/ADMIN teams must identify eligible candidates on an exam transmittal letter and forward it to NETPDTC.  A worksheet containing the Performance Mark Average (PMA) must be forwarded as well.  Refer to NAVADMIN 336/07 for additional information and specific requirements.  Failure to comply with established policy and procedures will result in missed advancement opportunity.

***MISSED IA EXAM CYCLES:  To ensure IA Shipmates are afforded advancement opportunity for missed exam cycles, ESO's must identify affected Sailors (w/ applicable missed cycles) in a separate enclosure to the Letter of Transmittal for the first exam participated in upon redeployment of a qualifying on of a tour.   NAVADMIN 336/07 and BI1430.16F (para 614) provide specific policy and procedures guidance.

NETPDTC will use the Standard Score (SS) from the exam cycle taken upon return, along with the PMA and other applicable FMS factors that were present at the time of the missed cycle, to compute/establish a FMS for the missed cycle.  The established FMS will be compared to the Minimum Multiple Required for the missed cycle; advancement status (PNA/selectee/fail) will be determined accordingly; profile sheet will be issued.  If the Sailor is selected for advancement for a missed cycle, servicing ESO's must request an EMF update to post the retroactive advancement and effect pay.   



CNRCINST 1130.8H (vol IV, para 030702)
Criteria for advanced paygrade entry
(college credits, Sea Cadets, DEP referrals, DEP PQS, etc)

Accelerated Advancement of Recruit Training, Class 'A" School Graduates, and Ceremonial Guard

Sailor of the Year (SOY) Program

Advanced Electronics Field, Advanced Technical Field, and Nuclear Field

Selective Training and Reenlistment (STAR)

Advancement after Reduction-in-Rate (RIR)/Restoration of Rate (ROR)
**See BI 1430.16F, para 216.e.4.b, for E2/E3 reinstatement after RIR

Setting Aside of Nonjudicial Punishment (NJP)

Manual for Court Martial (MCM) (part V, para 6)
Suspension, mitigation, remission, and setting aside NJP punishment



Visit the NAC website for information on the following:
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Bibliography for Advancement Study
Advancement Handbooks
Correspondence Courses
Catalog of Courses
Profile Sheets
Exams Discrepancy List


**Contacting PERS-8031**

Commercial: (901)874-XXXX
DSN: 882

Active Duty)   


Career Adminstration Caseworkers        


NAVY PERSONNEL COMMAND: 5720 Integrity Drive, Millington TN 38055-0000
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