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Vietnam Era GI Bill Conversion
Montgomery GI Bill Program

Basic Eligibility for Conversion
  • Members must have had VEGIB entitlement remaining on 31 December 1989.
  • Been on active duty anytime beginning on 19 October 1984 and ending on 1 July 1985 and re-entered after 30 Jun 1985 and served three continuous years.
  • Not on Active duty 19 October 1984 and re-entered on or after 19 October 1984 and served three continuous years of active duty after 1 July 1985.
  • Received HS diploma or equivalent prior to 31 December 1989.
  • Received an Honorable Discharge.

NOTE:  Eligibility requirements can be complex.  Please contact PERS-675 to confirm eligibility if you have any broken service between 19 October 1984 and your discharge date.

Not Eligible for Conversion

Academy or NROTC Scholarship graduates COMMISSIONED after 31 December 1976.

Delimitating Date

10 years from the date of the member's last discharge or release from active duty. Any break in service between 1 January 1977 and 30 June 1985 will be deducted from the 10-year delimiting date.


Number of months converted is based on number of months remaining under VEGIB. Eligible members were converted automatically to the MGIB Program at the enhanced rate on 1 January 1990.


VEGIB to MGIB Conversion Chart

See the Department of Veterans Affairs GI Bill Website for current rates.