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Myth vs. Reality

MYTH:    PERS-463 issues reimbursements for cost of personal storage facilities.

TRUTH:  PERS-463 does not issue reimbursements for storage.  However, PERS-4G3 does
             authorize members to store their HHG & POV in a non-temporary Navy storage
             facility during their IA/GSA/OSA. Members who desire to store their goods should
             submit a request via the mailbox as indicated in their orders.

             PERS-463 does not designate the location of storage as this is done solely
             through the member's personal property office.   Members inquiring about
             storage locations and/or facilities may contact the personal property hotline at


MYTH:    Rental cars are authorized in all IA orders. 

TRUTH:  Rental cars are not authorized in all IA orders.  Rental cars must be
             pre-authorized by the Local Area Commander or the authorization must be
             specifically noted in the IA orders.


MYTH:   PERS-463 manages IA/GSA/OSA missions and training tracks.

TRUTH: The USFF Global Force Management Action Officer (GFMAO) manages all missions
            and training tracks.