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Reserve O6 Staff

Welcome to the Reserve O6 Staff Corps Promotion Selection Board page.

Regular reservists use board id # 245.

FTS Supply Corps use board id # 246.

This board considers eligible Commanders with designators that:

  • begin with a 2 through 5 (such as 2105 Medical Corps or 4105 Chaplain Corps)
  • are staff corps designated LDO officers (65xx,).
  • are FTS Supply Corps (formerly called TAR) are also considered for promotion by the same membership but have a separate board id # as their records are active duty and cannot be loaded into the same board as selected reserve records.

Reservists in the IRR are eligible and will be considered by this board.

Eligible Commander reservists serving on active duty on mobilization orders, ADSW,  or extended ADT orders will be considered on this board, not the active duty O6 staff board.