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Personnel Conduct and Separations


Pers 831 - Officer Programs

Pers 832 - Enlisted Performance and Separations Branch

Primary authority on enlisted favorable & unfavorable separations.

Pers 833 - Post Selection Board Matters  and Security Branch

Reviews investigative files for adverse or potentially adverse information.

Pers 834 - Officer Performance  and Separations Branch

Primary authority on officer administrative separations and adverse performance matters.

Pers 834F - Unqualified (Favorable) Officer Resignations Branch

Primary authority on unqualified resignations, release from active duty (RAD) requests, Interservice Transfer (IST) requests, and contingent resignations.

Pers 835 - Officer Retirements

Primary authority on officer retirement matters and officer favorable separations, interservice transfers and release from active duty policies.

Pers 836 - Enlisted Retirements

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