Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy
(Reserve Affairs)
 Mr. Dennis Biddick

Scope of Duties:
Principal advisor to the ASN (M&RA) on policy and program matters relating to Naval and Marine Corps Reserve personnel and programs

Responsible for policy development, review and evaluation:
· Reserve Component Mobilization/Demobilization
· Reserve Compensation
· Quality of Life/Work Benefits
· Reserve Component Strategic Planning
· Overall Force Structure
· Manpower Management

Areas of Responsibility:
· Coordination of Department of the Navy Mobilization/Demobilization
· Develop policy for use of Naval and Marine Corps Reserve personnel and resources to ensure integration of the Reserve Components with the Active Component under the Total Force concept
· Coordinates policy recommendations from the CNO and CMC regarding reserve program implementation and management
· Coordination of the SECNAV?s National Naval Reserve Policy Board and Marine Corps Reserve Policy Board
· Management and disposition of Notice of Eligibility requests for Navy and Marine Corps reservists

Alignment with Services/OSD Staffs:
· OSD Personnel & Readiness and OASD/RA
· Joint Staff
· Director of Naval Reserve
· Commander Naval Reserve Force
· HQMC Plans, Policy & Operations
· OPNAV N31/N51
· HQMC Manpower & Reserve Affairs
· Commander Marine Forces Reserve
· Reserve Forces Policy Board