Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy
(Civilian Human Resources)
 Ms. Patricia C. Adams

Scope of Duties:
Principal advisor to the ASN (M&RA) on policy and program matters relating to Department of the Navy civilian personnel and programs

Provides policy, oversight and operational support for programs with regard to:
· Civilian personnel matters
· Management of the DON civilian SES corps
· HR Operations and Processing

Areas of Responsibility:
Civilian Personnel:
· Recruitment and Retention
· Human Resources career program (HR Community Manager)
· Employee Training and Development
· Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)
· Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
· Benefits
· Employee / Labor Relations
· Employee Training and Development
· Drug Free Workplace Program
· Civilian Employee Assistance Program
· Performance Management
· Awards Administration
· Quality of Worklife

SES Personnel:
· Leadership development
· Executive Diversity Advisory Council
· Workforce Planning
· Sourcing/Recruiting/Selecting
· Performance Management
· Compensation
· Succession Management

Management of HR Operations and Processing:
· Oversight of 5 regional personnel processing centers

Representation to outside organizations:
· Office of Personnel Management (OPM)
· Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB)
· Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
· Federal LAbor Relations Authority (FLRA)