50th Anniversary and Change of Command



VRC-40 First Class posing with Aircraft 50 in anniversary paint scheme                                                         A C-1A Trader provided a historic bookend to the squadron's 50th anniversary.

Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 40 celebrated its 50th Anniversary and conducted a Change of Command on 16 July 2010.  Former and current Rawhides filled the hangar to watch Commander McDermott relieve Commander Hayden as the squadron's C.O.  For the anniversary, guest speakers spanned each decade of VRC-40's operational history. 


50th Anniversary Guest Speaker List


1960s CDR Jeff Walker, USNR, Retired

1970s CAPT Gary L. Woody, USNR, Retired

1980s CDR Gary L. Hearne, USNR, Retired

1990s CDR Steve Silverio, USN, Retired

2000s CAPT. Douglas D. Carsten, USN




                                                                          Current Rawhides listening to the wisdom of a former Rawhide

Captain Buttram, the commodore of the Airborne Command, Control, and Logistics Wing, was the guest speaker for the Change of Command.  In addition, he presented VRC-40 with the Battle "E" Award for calender year 2009. 


Presentation of the highly coveted Battle "E"                                                             Ceremonial sideboys standing by for the next portion of the celebration


Following the ceremony, Commander Hayden and Commander McDermott conducted a formation fly-by that featured a C-1A Trader, the former COD aircraft, and a squadron C-2A Greyhound.  The C-2 also served as the jump platform for the U.S. Navy's Official Parachute Team, the Leap Frogs, for their performance that culminated with a landing right in front of the hangar. 


    Two Leap Frogs under canopy with the American Flag  The C-1A leads Aircraft 56 in a formation fly-by  The Leap Frogs even brought a Texas state flag for the outgoing skipper


Static displays included a T-39 Sabreliner from VT-86, a V-22 Osprey from VMX-22, an MH-60S from HSC-22, an E-2C Hawkeye from VAW-123, and an MH-53E Sea Dragon from HM-15.  


MV-22 Osprey on the Rawhide line                    A static display of Aircraft 43, an E-2C, and an MH-53    



The cake was amazingly detailed                     In addition to looking good, the cake was delicious




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