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Fighting Tigers Command Philosophy

The Fighting Tigers of Patrol Squadron EIGHT remain firmly committed to operational excellence and combat readiness. Our passion and proud 72 year legacy defines who we are and the heritage that we represent. We will strengthen our commitment and expertise through adherence to these guiding principles:

Every Tiger

Family is the foundation of Team Tiger. Personal and professional growth is essential to our collective success. Every Sailor is afforded an equal opportunity to succeed and contribute to the mission. We will leverage upon our mutual trust and respect to develop the next generation of Tigers.

Every Mission

Leadership is critical at every level. Every Tiger must excel in their individual mission skill set so that we can deliver dominant, persistent and superior warfighting capability in support of Navy and national objectives.

Every Time

Win each day with a positive attitude! Our actions both on and off duty define who we are. Continue to focus on fundamentals first, do the right thing even when no one is looking, and take no unnecessary risk.

Our time to excel is now.

Tiger Tiger,

Skipper Adametz