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Ellen Berry Christa Hanson

Although some people may not know, as the VP-16 ombudsmen, we play many roles within the squadron and its family members. We are an official representative of the Commanding Officer and we serve a vital role in establishing and maintaining current and accurate communication between the command its family members.

Some of our basic roles include:

- Speed up communication between the home and squadron, including any schedule changes
- Refer and/or give information on services, upcoming events and offer help in times of crisis.
- Help problem solve and offer moral support
- Offer deployment checklists

We have also created binders full of good information for your family to reference to include:
- Tricare, childcare, education, MWR, pool, bowling and ITT information
- Legal, SGLI, USO, ITT, career transfer, retirement, disability as well as emergency information

Contact information: Ellen Berry at 904-463-3553 or Christa Hanson at 904-469-8457