• Make your Evacuation Plan for you and your family early!
  • If able, evacuate as early as possible
  • If remaining behind, visit the FEMA website beforehand to prepare for the hurricane:
  • Navy Family Accountability and Assessment System (NFAAS) standardizes a method for the Navy to account, manage, and monitor the recovery process for personnel and their families affected and/or scattered by a wide-spread catastrophic event. The NFAAS provides valuable information to all levels of the Navy chain of command, allowing commanders to make strategic decisions which facilitate a return to stability. NFAAS Website:
If you cannot muster via website, please muster by calling 1-877-414-5358


  • All personnel are required to muster using their Chain of Command:
    • For Maintenance Personnel:
      LPO -> Division Chief -> MMCPO -> Maintenance Officer
    • For Admin Personnel:
      LPO -> Division Chief -> Admin Officer
    • All officers will muster directly with Department Head
    • All Department Heads will muster directly with SDO or Executive Officer


  • If remaining in place or before you leave your recall residence, please inform the Ombudsman of your intentions.
  • After the storm or catastrophic event, muster as follows:
    • Muster via Navy Family Accountability and Assessment System. Any Sailor or family member may log on to this website with the Sailor’s SSN and birth date. If you cannot muster via website, please muster by calling 1-877-414-5358.
    • In addition to mustering via NFAAS, contact VAW-126 Ombudsman at any of the following numbers and email addresses:
      • Jennifer –  (C) (757) 613-2056 or The VAW-126 Ombudsman is the PRIMARY Musterer of family members. If after six hours you cannot reach the VAW-126 Ombudsman at the above numbers, attempt to contact the following individuals to muster (though keep trying to contact the Ombudsman until you are sure she has accounted for you).
      • VAW-120 Duty Office – (757) 444-4498
      • COMACCLOGWING Duty Phone @ NAS Pt Mugu, CA – (805) 258-9271
      • WTULANT OIC Duty Phone (CDR Simms) (757) 444-2635
      • NAVSTANRFK Ombudsman – Mary (C) (757-718-9210 /
      • COMNAVREGMIDLANT Ombudsman – Dara (C) (757) 438-4182; /
      • Navy Personnel Command Emergency Call Center – 1-877-414-5358
  • When mustering, be prepared to provide the following information:
    • Names and the physical condition of you and your family members (injuries, need for medical attention or medications, etc.)
    • Your current location including address and phone numbers
    • The location and condition of any of your family members/dependents that are not with you. Specifically, did anyone stay at your residence when you evacuated?
    • Intended plans, such as when you plan to return, where you intend to go next, or how long you intend to stay at your current location.
    • Any requests for assistance.
  • If after mustering you change your plans, contact the VAW-126 Ombudsman to provide an update.