About the FRG

A Command Family Readiness Group (FRG) is a command-sponsored organization of family members, volunteers, soldiers and civilian employees associated with a particular unit. They fall under the responsibility of the unit's commanding officer.

FRG's are established to provide activities and support to enhance the flow of information, increase the resiliency of unit sailors and their families, provide practical tools for adjusting to military deployments and separations, and enhance the well-being and morale within the unit. The activities emphasized will vary depending on whether the unit is in pre/post deployment, deployed, or in a training/sustainment period at home station. Since one of the goals of an FRG is to support the military mission through provision of support, outreach, and information to family members, certain FRG activities are essential and common to all groups, and include member meetings, staff and committee meetings, publication and distribution of newsletters, maintenance of FRG websites, maintenance of updated rosters and readiness information, and member telephone trees and e-mail distribution lists. The FRG also provides feedback to the command on the state of the unit "family".

Historically, FRGs developed out of military family support groups as well as less formal officer and enlisted wives clubs, telephone and social rosters, volunteer groups, and clubs. Modern FRGs are a fully defined and officially supported function within the U.S. Navy and include men, women, and children from throughout the military community.

FRG Contact Information

VAW-126's Current FRG representatives are Tiffanny Millien and Zuleiska Walls . The FRG Website can be found at