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 The maintenance department is responsible for the overall maintenance of the squadron's aircraft.  The maintenance department is usually divided into six areas.  They are maintenance / material control, quality assurance / analysis, maintenance administration, aircraft, avionics, and line divisions. 


Maintenance Administration - This section provides administrative and clerical services for the aircraft maintenance department.

Quality Assurance / Analysis - The quality assurance  (QA) section inspects the work of the maintenance department.  QA ensures that maintenance performed on aircraft, engines, accessories, and equipment is done according to current Navy standards. 

Maintenance Control - Maintenance control is the heart of the aircraft maintenance department.  Maintenance control is responsible for planning and scheduling the daily, weekly, and monthly workloads for the entire maintenance department.

Material Control - Material control is responsible for ordering and receiving all aircraft parts and materials needed to support the maintenance department.  Material control is also responsible for keeping the records involved in obtaining such material.



Aircraft Division - The aircraft division supervises, coordinates, and completes scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.  It also performs inspections in the areas of power plants, airframes, and aircrew personnel protective / survival equipment.  The aircraft production branches are located within the aircraft division.  They are the power plants, airframes, aviation life support equipment, and inspection branches.

Avionics Division - The avionics production branches are located within the avionics division.  They are the electronics and electrical / instruments branches.

Line Division - The line division performs scheduled and unscheduled maintenance work on the aircraft.  This responsibility includes preflight, turnaround, daily and post-flight inspections, servicing as well as troubleshooting discrepancies.  The correction of aircraft discrepancies occurs on the line, providing the job does not require the removal of major assemblies.  The ground handling of the squadron's aircraft is a function of the line division.  The plane captain assignment / qualification program is administered by and is a responsibility of the line division.  They are responsible for the squadron's support equipment.  This includes pre-operation, post-operation, and daily inspections, as well as servicing and maintenance of the support equipment.  The foreign object damage (FOD) prevention, fuel, oil, hydraulic fluid, and oxygen surveillance programs are the responsibility of the line division.  The plane captains, troubleshooters, and support equipment branches are located within this division.

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