Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron Seven Seven (HSM-77) was first established as Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light FOUR SEVEN (HSL-47) on 25 September 1987 at NAS North Island.  After transitioning from the SH-60B Seahawk to the MH-60R Seahawk, HSL-47 was re-designated HSM-77 on 2 April 2009.  The re-designation as Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron from  Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light signifies the exponential leap forward in technology and capabilities provided to the fleet by the MH-60R.

     The Saberhawks are proud to be the first "Bravo to Sea" squadron, establishing the Navy's Helo CONOPS for deploying two helicopter squadrons within a single Carrier Air Wing and providing the momentum necessary for the community's transition from traditional SH-60B expeditionary operations to carrier based MH-60R operations.  With over 10 years experience and six deployments working with Carrier Air Wing TWO (CVW-2), HSM-77 is established as the premier Helicopter Maritime Strike squadron in the US Navy with a culture of excellence, pride, professionalism, and teamwork.  Past and present, the Saberhawks continually set community and Carrier Air Wing standards in both combat capability and tactical development. 

     The insignia above represents the men and women who call themselves Saberhawks.  The Ferruginous Hawk, a raptor indigenous to the southwestern United States, has represented HSL-47 since establishment.  The saber is a traditional ceremonial naval weapon and symbol.  The five stars represent the transition from LAMPS MK III to LAMPS MK V and the blue background reflects the Squadron color. 



 HSM-77 NAF Atsugi, Japan

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