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 HSM-74 - World Famous Swamp Foxes



Welcome to HSM-74, The World Famous Swamp Foxes.

HSM-74 is the premier east coast helicopter squadron, operating the MH-60R "Seahawk" helicopter and serving the needs of the Naval Air Forces Atlantic.

HSM-74 is based out of Naval Air Station Jacksonville, located in Jacksonville, Florida.  The squadron is manned by the finest Officers and Enlisted men and women of the United States Navy and provides combat ready detachments to deploy in defense of the United States. 

Our mission is to provide aircraft and crews to fight and win wars at sea.  We are a versatile squadron, fullfilling many missions and objectives.  Our aircraft have flown in support of the Operation Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom, the War on Terror, tracked and seized drug smugglers in the Eastern Pacific, conducted Search and Rescue on land and sea, and provided humanitarian relief after Hurricane Katrina and the Earthquake in Haiti. 

HSM-74 - PO BOX 143 - Jacksonville, FL - 32212

Squadron Quarterdeck:  (904)-542-1873


Bravo Zulu to the following Swamp Fox awardees:

·         Sailor of the Year – AT1(AW/SW) White

·         Swamp Fox of the Year – AM2(AW) Sweet

·         Aircrewman of the Year – AWR1(NAC/AW/SW) Reilly

·         Plane Captain of the Year – AD3(AW) Taylor

·         Blue Jacket of the Year – AT3(AW) Gregory