Trident Philosophy


The three points of our trident are:

  • War Fighting Team

We must never forget that we are war fighters sworn to protect our way of life.  We must stand ready to conduct all of our missions as part of a larger team; The Navy, and the Armed Forces of America.

To be successful, we must work and fight as a team.  The squadron that we are in is compprised of unique individuals that are all just as important as the next.  We succeed as one and take setbacks as one.  We must remember that the members of this command will come and go, but the mission will not.  We have an obligation to create a capable and enduring war fighting unit.

  • Honor, Courage, Commitment

Adhering to our core values gives us the strength to do the right thing in the face of adversity as individuals, as a squadron, as superiors ,as subordinates, and as war fighters.

All leaders in this command, regardless of rank, will be commited to their people, both for their well-being and for their development.

Be proud of the uniform and what it stands for.  Be committed to yourself, to each other, to the squadron, and to our mission.  Be proud of your commitment to protect this country's freedom.

  • Excellence

Not Perfection - The Best.  We all make mistakes, but what is truly important is what we do after we've made the mistake.  Admit it, learn from it, and teach others about it.

Always strive to improve in everything that you do and all that you are - Airman, Petty Officer, mother, father, brother, son, daughter, sister, mentor, teacher...  With excellence will come success and inherent safety.

If we have worked hard, and done what was right, we can and should stand proud regardless of the final outcome.  Do your personal best and the squadron will be the better for it.  Be proud to be a Trident.

We are the Tip of the Spear - Stay Sharp