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The “Eightballers” will maintain the highest standards of professional and personal excellence.  While grooming our aircraft and systems in preparation for future tasking, we shall pursue every opportunity to train and educate our personnel.  The “Eightballers” remain vigilant and poised to accomplish any tasking and we dedicate ourselves to these basic fundamentals to safely and professionally execute our missions:

  • Excellence in all we do. We expect each member of our team to perform their job, exceptionally well.  Be the subject matter expert in your field and don’t just do the minimum- seek out greater responsibility and set the example!


  • Integrity.  A sacred bond of trust and expectation of doing right- even under the most difficult circumstances.  Without integrity, you have nothing.


  • Good shipmates. We treat others with respect and dignity- follow the “golden rule”.  Take care of each other and intervene to prevent bad choices or situations as necessary.


  • Honor, Courage, and Commitment.  Our Navy’s Core Values and code that we live 24/7- both on and off duty.  We demonstrate allegiance to our Country, Service, Unit, and our Shipmates above ourselves.


  • Teamwork. Our success is dependent upon effective communication and working together.   From the deckplates on up, everyone contributes and plays an important role to the team.  Our collective efforts produce our greatest achievements!


  • By the book. There is no other way, this is our standard across ALL DEPARTMENTS!


  • Advancement.  Seek every opportunity to gain knowledge, experience, and qualifications.  Establish short and long term goals with your chain of command and create a road map to success! 


  • Leadership.  When there is an “Eightballer” present- we expect you to be responsible, take charge, and lead by example.  Take ownership and fix problems!


  • Life balance.  Work hard each day, but also take time to relax and unwind.  Whether that is with family, friends, or just time alone, find your happy place and seek to become both mentally and physically fit.  After all, if you don’t love your job, then you are doing something wrong!