Hello HSC-3 families!

      Welcome to HSC-3 (Helicopter Sea Combat Three). My name is Jeannette Ott and I am your Navy Family Ombudsman. The purpose of the Ombudsman program is to support the command mission and mission readiness by ensuring that the needs of the families are met. As an Ombudsman, I work with the Command Support Team as a liaison and an advocate for HSC-3 families. Additionally, my role is to provide a listening ear during difficult times; information, resources, and referrals to professional services when requested or appropriate; support during deployments and when service members are individual augmentee (IA); and assistance during crises, such as natural disasters.

One of the benefits of this program is that it facilitates a smooth transition during Permanent Change of Station (PCS), settling in at a new duty station, and ability of families to maximize the programs provided to them by the military. Also, this program ensures that a strict code of ethics and professionalism are maintained, including confidentiality. As an Ombudsman, I am required to maintain confidentiality unless the following issues are suspected, potential, or alleged to protect the safety of our military families: child abuse and/or neglect, spousal abuse, or homicides, violence, or life-threatening situations. In these instances, I only report to my direct point of contact and I do not share this information with anyone else.

It is my pleasure to serve you as your Navy Family Ombudsman. Please feel free to contact me at 619-218-6611. You may also reach me at I highly encourage you to send me an e-mail request to be put on the “e-mail” list, as I frequently send out information about events and resources available to military families here in San Diego.

I look forward to meeting you at the indoctrination meeting (INDOC) and command functions. Please note that spouses are encouraged to attend. Have a safe journey!


                                                                                                                                      Jeannette Ott,

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