Congratulations on your winging and your HSC West selection! 

My name is LT Mark Lux, and I am the HSC-3 Student Control Officer.   I am responsible for coordinating all incoming student transfers.  Please contact me once you receive your orders for any special instructions or concerns that need to be addressed.  I can be reached at mark.lux@navy.mil or 619-545-4373. 

You will report to HSC-3 as a Category I Fleet Replacement Pilot (FRP).  The CAT I syllabus is approximately 6 months long.  You will either go to SERE prior to the FRS or after you’re complete – if your orders don’t tell you to stop at SERE on the way here, then you’ll go between HSC-3 and your fleet squadron.  If your orders say HSC-West, as opposed to HSC-25, you will not select your ultimate fleet squadron until you are near FRS syllabus completion.  From HSC-3, you can expect orders to one of the following squadrons:

Expeditionary                                   Carrier
HSC-23 Wildcards                            HSC-8 Eightballers
HSC-21 Blackjacks                           HSC-12 Golden Falcons

Upon receipt of your orders, please check your REPORT NLT date.  Regardless of authorized leave, THAT is the latest date you are allowed to check into HSC-3. In many cases, your Report NLT date and your class start date are the same – which means that an expedited checkout from TW-5 and an early arrival to San Diego will allow you the maximum possible time to set up living arrangements, family arrangements, etc…  House-hunting leave is specifically not granted to incoming students, so we do ask that you use your time wisely between winging, checkout, and reporting to HSC-3.

Report to the HSC-3 Quarter Deck, 2nd floor of Building #346 to get your orders stamped.  Then, cross the parking lot to Building 352.  On the 2nd deck, Room 214, you’ll find the HSC-3 Training Department, where you will find Student Control.  As a reminder, your first day of any check-in should be conducted in khakis.   

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns.  My goal is to ensure a smooth transition to San Diego in order to begin your training in the MH-60S Knighthawk and the Helicopter Sea Combat mission.  Congratulations again, and I look forward to flying with you.  Welcome to the Merlins