Congratulations on your HSC West selection! 

My name is AWS1 Jeffrey Onion, and I am the HSC-3 Student Control Leading Petty Officer.   I am responsible for coordinating all incoming student transfers.  Please contact me once you receive your orders for any special instructions or concerns that need to be addressed.  I can be reached at jeffrey.onion@navy.mil or 619-545-4372. 

You will report to HSC-3 as a Category I Fleet Replacement Aircrewmen (FRAC).  The CAT I syllabus is approximately 5 months long.  Typically you will attend SERE in route to HSC-3 however, if your orders don’t tell you to attend SERE on the way here, then you’ll go in route to your fleet squadron.  From HSC-3, you can expect orders to one of the following squadrons:

Expeditionary                                              Carrier
HSC-23 Wildcards (San Diego, CA)             HSC-8 Eightballers (San Diego, CA) 
HSC-21 Blackjacks (San Diego, CA)            HSC-12 Golden Falcons (San Diego, CA)
HSC-25 Island Knights (Guam)                      

Upon receipt of your orders, please check your REPORT NLT date.  Regardless of authorized leave, THAT is the latest date you are allowed to check into    HSC-3.   In many cases, your Report NLT date and your class start date are the same – which means that an expedited checkout from NATTC Pensacola and an early arrival to San Diego will allow you the maximum possible time to set up living arrangements, family arrangements, etc…  House-hunting leave is specifically not granted to incoming students, so we do ask that you use your time wisely between checkout, and reporting to HSC-3.

Report to the HSC-3’s Quarter Deck, 2nd floor of Building #346 to get your orders stamped.  Then, cross the parking lot to Building 352.  On the 2nd deck, Room 214, you’ll find the HSC-3 Training Department, and Student Control.  As a reminder, your first day of any check-in should be conducted in Dress Blues/Whites.   
Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns.  My goal is to ensure a smooth transition to San Diego in order to begin your training in the MH-60S Knighthawk and the Helicopter Sea Combat mission.  Congratulations again, and I look forward to flying with you.  Welcome to the Merlins!