1. PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY AND INTEGRITY ARE A MUST.  We take personal responsibility for our actions, always, without exception.  If there is no responsibility for our actions, then there is no integrity or professionalism within the Stable.  We must always stand for, and support anyone who stands for, what is right.


2. WE ARE TACTICAL WARFARE EXPERTS. To achieve our mission, we must be tactical warfare experts. Achieving and maintaining combat readiness is the primary focus of every Wildcard! No matter what our rate or what our designator is, we are expected to become an expert in our warfare area/specialty. We will be lethal and efficient in bringing our combat power to bear; at any time , at any place, without hesitation.


3. WE TAKE CARE OF OUR SAILORS.  We put each other first and put ourselves last.  We take care of each other and never pass up an opportunity to do something good for our fellow shipmates. Our everlasting goal is excellence and when we reach it, we turn and illuminate the path for others to achieve it as well.


4. WE ARE A TEAM.  We will only succeed together. Every member of the Stable has a voice and no one can go it alone.  We must not look at the Stable as individual detachments, divisions, or departments. We will resolve to work together leveraging the diversity of our ranks.  This requires  patience committed effort, and a willingness to accept the uniqueness of others. 




Dewon M. Chaney

Commanding Officer