1. PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY AND INTEGRITY ARE A MUST.  We take personal responsibility for our actions, always, without exception.  If there is no responsibility for our actions, then there is no integrity or professionalism within the Stable.  We must always stand for, and with anyone who stands for, what is right.


2. WE ARE TACTICAL WARFARE EXPERTS. To achieve our mission, we will need to be tactical warfare experts.  The primary focus of each and every Wildcard is to be on achieving combat readiness, and having the ability and willingness to employ it at any time, at any place, without hesitation and without failure.  No matter what our rate or what our designator is, we are expected to become an expert in our warfare area. We will be lethal and efficient in bringing our combat power to bear.


3. WE TAKE CARE OF OUR SAILORS.  We put each other first and put ourselves last.  We take care of each other and we never pass up an opportunity to do something good for a fellow Wildcard or a fellow Sailor.  We continually strive to reach the top, and when we have gotten there, we turn, and reach down for the person behind us.


4. WE ARE A TEAM.  We all have a voice within the Stable and no one can go it alone.  If we are going to be successful, we cannot look at the Stable as departments, divisions, or branches. We must look at the bigger picture and resolve to work together.  This requires commitment and effort, and a willingness to accept the uniqueness of others, and an appreciation of diversity.



Stephen O. Johnson

Commanding Officer