When firing a weapon, the use of proper sight alignment is the only way we hit the target. As Wildcards, the sights" that we will use to ensure we hit where we aim whether that be mission capable aircraft, deployments or qualifications etc. are Integrity, Courage and Professionalism.

1.  INTEGRITY.  Making sure that your deeds match your words even if nobody is watching as well as having the humility and grace to admit when you are wrong.


2. COURAGE.  Not the absence of fear but the strength to forge ahead despite being afraid in order to accomplish the mission.


3. PROFESSIONALISM.  Seeking to be the master of your craft each and every day.



If we align ourselves using these three principles, then we will hit the bullseye every time no matter what the target is.
                                         WILDCARDS NEVER FOLD!

Justin T. McCaffree

Commanding Officer