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Our mission is to provide flexible and lethal armed helicopter detachments to the Combatant Commanders primarily through Amphibious Ready Group and Littoral Combat Ship deployments, and through integration with assigned Marine Expeditionary Units, with particular emphasis on Defense of the Task Force through Anti-Surface Warfare, Support to Special Operations Forces, Personnel Recovery, reconnaissance, precision targeting and logistical support. Additionally, the versatility of the MH-60S allows us to save lives through Search and Rescue and humanitarian assistance/disaster relief operations. On order, we will conduct combat operations, no matter the region of the globe, across the full spectrum of conflict, in defense of our National interests and our Constitution.



Meet the Mission with Excellence


"Wildcards Never Fold"

Wildcard Guiding Principles

1.  Demand Excellence

2.  Professional and Personal Responsibility

3.  Always Inspection Ready

4.  Teamwork

5.  Work Hard, and Play Smart


A Pledge from the Commanding Officer 

I promise to ensure that every Wildcard is granted the opportunity to contribute at the highest limits of their potential and desire. Each Wildcard will be afforded a safe working environment conducive to success and free of harassment of any kind. I value the diversity that exists within our ranks and will provide you with the tools and training to do your jobs; and grow professionally. In return, I will hold you accountable to the highest standards of conduct and lead you in defending our country and our way of life.



Tenants of Wildcard Behavior

1.  Wildcards treat everyone with dignity and respect.


2.  Wildcards consider themselves last; mission, squadron mates and family come first.


3.  Wildcards are professionals; we never take shortcuts and conduct business by the book, period.


4.  Wildcards strive to become as qualified as possible, without delay.


5.  Wildcards make sound judgments using ORM, making safety inherent in all we do.


6.  Wildcards do not tolerate drug or alcohol abuse within the ranks.


7.  Wildcards abide by the Navy’s Core Values and military standards.


8.  Wildcards are a family and look out for each other, on and off duty.