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The Ombudsman is a Navy spouse who serves as a point of contact between family and friends of a service member and the command. The Ombudsman is a volunteer who has chosen to give of his or her time to the command and its families.

The roles and functions of the Ombudsmen are varied:

* act as an advocate for command family members.

 * serve as the primary link/liaison between Golden Falcon families and the command.

* serve as the primary communicator of information between the command and Golden Falcon families.

* provide information and outreach to Golden Falcon families.

* refer family members in need of professional assistance to appropriate resource organizations and military offices such as the Family Service Center, chaplain's office, medical treatment facilities, Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society, American Red Cross, and legal assistance offices. These organizations are valuable resources in obtaining assistance for command family members.

* provide support to individuals and refer them for counseling. Counseling is not provided by Ombudsmen.

By using their knowledge of the military system, Ombudsmen can help access the appropriate level of chain of command for intervention and for the forwarding of appropriate requests/grievances while exercising complete confidentiality. The Ombudsman's responsibilities do not include social duties.

You can contact HSC-12's Ombudsman by clicking here. Our current ombudsman is Nikki Rush, Chelsey, Waldridge, Shirley Lababit. 

Click the link below to add our HSC-12 Golden Falcons Ombudsman Fanpage on Facebook!