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_______WELCOME ABOARD!________

Upon your arrival to Naval Station Norfolk, report in
appropriate dress uniform for the season
(dress blues or dress whites) and a
regulation haircut to:

Norfolk, VA 23511

Squadron Duty Officer : (757) 646-7922


To request a sponsor, click the link below

- In the e-mail subject line type "Sponsor Request"

- In the body of the e-email provide the following information:

     * Name:

     * Rank/Rate:

     * Telephone #:

     * E-mail Address:

     * Command/Organization:

     * Comments:

In the comments section please include your leave dates, estimated date of arrival/report to the command, and housing needs.  The e-mail will be sent to sponsor coordinator and you will be contacted.  

Arriving by Plane to Norfolk International Airport

Norfolk International Airport is located approx. 10 miles east of NAS Norfolk. When you know your arrival time in Norfolk,  call your command sponsor to coordinate transportation.  A Military Information Booth is also available at Norfolk International. Transportation can also be coordinated at this booth.


To coordinate lodging, please call 1-800 NAVY INN (628-9466).

Check-in Procedures

New personnel are strongly advised to coordinate assistance with their command sponsor for their check-in process. When checking in during working hours (0700-1600 Monday-Friday), new check-ins should proceed to the Quarterdeck. From there you will be escorted to the Admin Department Office to start the check-in process. If checking in after normal working hours, Report to the Quarterdeck for check-in and further instructions. Please make sure to leave a valid local contact number (ie. Cell phone/relative/friend) in case we need to contact you prior to the next work day.

To contact Admin prior to check-in, please contact (757)444-3070
If you are unsure of whom your sponsor is, contact the Command Career Counselors at (757)444-7911.

What to Bring                                           

Admin Check In Packet 
This Packet Includes Forms for Check In, Government Travel Card, Command Recall, Service member's Life Insurance Election, and Passport Application Instructions. Please be advised that there are two seperate Check In Forms; E6 & Below and E7 & Above.

IT/ Comms SAAR Form
Along with your Check In Packet, you will be required to fill out a SAAR Form for access to the Network.
You will need access to view your Navy email, get important information via the CAC Enabled website, and apply for E-Leave, as well as other numerous online activities.  It is understood that there are fields on the form unable to be filled at this time. The IT/Comms Department will assist you with any questions you may have regarding the form.
Also we ask that you complete the DOD Information Assurance Awareness V8(DOD-IAA-V8.0) NKO course and print out your certificare of completion in Landscape format and hand it in with your SAAR Form.

All Records, Orders, Endorsements, Travel-Related Receipts, New 
Address Info, etc.

Packed Seabag on hand
This Command is 72 Hour deployable. It is advised that you have a Seabag readily available in the event of a deployment.