Fleet Readiness Center Mid-Atlantic


 Welcome Aboard 



Welcome Aboard!!

Welcome Aboard!” Congratulations on your orders to FRC MID ATLANTIC.

Upon your arrival to Virginia Beach, report in appropriate dress uniform for the season, dress blues or dress whites, and a regulation haircut to:

 If you are stationed at FRCMA Oceana please visit our site Oceana link here.


              FRC MID ATLANTIC (Map)


          Quarter Deck
           766 B. Ave. Suite 210 VA Beach,
VA. 23460
          (24 hours per day)

         Note:  Bring all records, orders, endorsements, travel-related receipts, new  address, etc. After hours, please make sure you leave a good contact number (i.e. cell phone/relative/friend), in case we need to reach you prior to the next work day.

   For any questions please call the Quarterdeck at (757) 433-5933