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Administration Department is one the most diverse departments on board, with more than 30 Sailors in five divisions providing administrative assistance and service-related functions that impact every Sailor on the ship. Admin department is responsible for handling the ships seperations, and reenlistments. The department is entrusted with the responsibility for calculation and payment of wages and allowances to all Sailors. The Educational Services andCareer Counselor offices assist crew members in areas such as education, advancement, and career information. The Drug and Alcohol Program Advisor and Equal Opportunity Advisor provide assistance, training and education, ensuring CVN 77 Sailors adhere to Navy policies that foster morale and esprit de corps.




Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department (AIMD) provides intermediate level component repairs to support the embarked air wing and other ships in the strike group. This includes the repair of aircraft engines, electronics and electrical systems, hydraulic and airframe systems, weapon systems, life support systems and support equipment. AIMD is augmented by more than 90 Sailors when underway with an air wing due to additional workload and skill sets required of the department while at sea.




The Air Department is USS GEORGE H.W. BUSH's (CVN 77) largest department with nearly 700 trained and motivated officers, chief petty officers and Sailors. Air Department personnel are charged with the primary mission of this great ship; to safely launch and recover aircraft. This involves operating and maintaining the ship's catapults, arresting gear and visual landing aid systems. The department also ensures the safe movement and security of assigned aircraft in the ship's hangar bay and on the flight deck. Air Department also operates and maintains the ship's aircraft fueling system and air control tower, and provides flight deck and hangar bay firefighting capabilities.




The Combat Systems Department of USS GEORGE H.W. BUSH (CVN 77) is responsible for the maintenance and operational reliability for air search, air traffic control and surface navigation radar. The department also maintains the ship’s internal and external telephone and radio communications, inertial, Global Positioning System and navigational sensor, control and display systems, a variety of secure and non-secure network software and hardware that provide e-mail, Web and other services. It also is in charge of inbound and outbound network security, command and control systems and weapons systems, which enable the ship and the carrier strike group’s war fighters.




The Command Religious Ministries Department (CRMD) oversees religious ministry programs on board and provides personal counseling services for its Sailors.  The department manages the ship’s library and acts as a liaison between the ship and the American Red Cross and the Fleet and Family Service Center.  CRMD is also responsible for coordinating all of the ship’s COMRELs (overseas), community outreach and school volunteer programs.  In addition, CRMD coordinates the United Through Reading Program and family VTCs while deployed. To contact the CRMD/Chaplain, please call 757-443-7712 (working hours) or 757-803-2404 (duty cell phone).




Boatswain’s mates represent the keepers of tradition aboard USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77). In today's Navy, they carry forward the heritage and traditions from the days of wodden ships and iron men. They are the caretakers of the ship's two 30-ton anchors and ship's forecastle, which not only houses the anchors, but is also used for special ceremonies, religious services and large meetings. The hard working men and women in Deck Department also maintain eight Underway Replenishment (UNREP) stations, the ship's 14 mooring lines, exterior hull of the ship, a 30-ton boat and aircraft crane, two ship's rigid hull inflatable boats, boat davit, two boat booms, fantail, stern dock and the ship's 127 50-man life rafts. Deck Department's 80-plus Boatswain's Mates perform the most demanding of all seamanship evolutions requiring leadership, dedication and teamwork. They bring the ship to life while manning the transfer stations for UNREP, stand watches as Boatswain's Mate of the Watch, lookout and helmsman watches.



The Dental Department provides quality dental care to 6,000 sailors onboard the USS GEORGE H. W. BUSH to include Carrier Strike Group 2, Destroyer Squadron 22, and Carrier Air Wing 8. Our mission is to provide courteous, efficient service and ensure all personnel maintain excellent oral health. Manned by 13 enlisted personnel and five dental officers; treating more than 60+ patients on an average day and servicing countless more. Dental services onboard include annual examinations, preventive treatments, oral surgery, restorative and emergency dental care. The clinic has six dental operatories, a surgical suite and fully equipped dental laboratory to provide the best dental and emergency care possible. From fillings, crowns and dentures with all services in between, the dental department is here to serve our crew. Additionally, the Dental Department augments the medical team in mass casualty and general quarters scenarios.




The Engineering Department aboard USS GEORGE H.W. BUSH (CVN 77) currently has more than 300 highly-trained personnel who provide technical expertise for the safe operation and maintenance of the ship's machinery systems. The department is manned by professional firefighters, expert machinists, coded welders, skilled electricians, diesel mechanics, mechanical technicians, and a vast array of other specialties that handle the logistics throughout the ship and the other ships in the Carrier Strike Group. They are the masters of all engineering disciplines. From the anchor at the bow, to the steering gear in the stern, engineers have responsibilities throughout the ship. Engineers lead from the front and are the work horses behind the equipment that sustains superior combat operations and missions at sea and in port.




The USS GEORGE H.W. BUSH (CVN 77) Health Services Department is manned by approximately 40 health care professionals who provide quality medical care to nearly 6,000 Sailors assigned to the ship, embarked air wing, and carrier strike group personnel. The department is comprised of a 51-bed ward and a three-bed intensive care unit. Services include: X-ray, basic laboratory, routine physicals, psychological counseling, physical therapy, pre-deployment health screenings, occupational health physicals, vaccinations, and emergency care. While at sea, the department is also manned to provide emergency surgery if needed.


Intelligence Department


Intel makes up the carrier intelligence center (CVIC). It is the focal point for all activity concerning how, where, and when the GHWB Strike group takes the fight to our enemies. They provide information on foreign military capabilities, tactics and intentions. The intel professionals in CVIC are engaged 24 hours a day conducting analysis of foreign military operations in our assigned deployment areas. Their job is to keep the aircrews, watch officers, and the admiral up to date on threats to the strike group.




The primary role of the Legal Department is to advise the commanding officer on all legal matters including personnel administrative and disciplinary actions, investigations, ethics and operational law. In addition, the Legal Department provides legal advice and services ranging from drafting will and powers of attorney to legal counseling for and training the crew of USS GEORGE H.W. BUSH (CVN 77).




Media Department tells the USS GEORGE H.W. BUSH (CVN 77) story to its crew, family members and the press. It's Sailors are the public affairs and visual information experts, responsible for writing and producing print and broadcast journalism news and feature stories; recording still imagery and video of the ship's crew and daily operations; creating graphic designs in support of the ship's mission; managing the command's official Web site; and providing layout and design services for shipboard publications. The 24 Sailors assigned to Media Department ensure the military and civilian media have the widest possible access to reporting the mission of USS GEORGE H.W. BUSH (CVN 77) and its Sailors.




The Navigation Department is responsible for the safe navigation of the ship. The USS GEORGE H.W. BUSH (CVN 77) Navigation Team uses modern technology, including radar, GPS, and electronic navigation charts, as well as traditional mariner tools and techniques, such as sextants, paper navigation charts, and the compass, to keep on steady course. The Navigation Department is also responsible for providing the commanding officer with visual methods of communicating with other ships, such as flags, pennants and flashing lights.




Operations Department is a 300-plus person department made up of seven divisions that plans exercises and operations relating to the mission of the ship, carrier air wing and task force. Operations Department is also responsible for monitoring and evaluating atmospheric, oceanographic, and intelligence information from the tactical to operational levels. The Combat Direction Center monitors and controls tactical engagement and operates the ship's defensive weapons suite. Air Operations provides air traffic control services for embarked aircraft. Security division is a highly-trained team of law enforcement and force protection personnel, responsible for maintaining good order and discipline and executing the anti-terrorism and force protection mission.




The Reactor Department is one of the largest departments aboard USS GEORGE H.W. BUSH (CVN 77). More than 400 highly skilled and motivated officers, chief petty officers and enlisted operate the ship's two nuclear propulsion plants, providing steam for propulsion,m catapult operations and electric power generation. In addition to producing and distributing the ship's supply of fresh water, Reactor Department also provides steam through an independent system for heating, laundry and galley services.




The Safety Department leads and oversees numerous command-wide operational safety and occupational health programs that enhance war-fighting readiness through the prevention of injuries, deaths, material loss or damage.




The 360 Sailors of Supply Department on board USS GEORGE H.W. BUSH (CVN 77) have set the stage for 50 years of logistic support and services for the aircraft carrier. From food services for up to 5,000 crew members, to procuring everything from fuel to toilet tissue, Supply Department get it done. No other department has more direct impact on all facets of shipboard operation. Supply Department provides critical support throughout the ship thanks to the hard work of the Supply Corps Officers, Culinary Specialists, Logistics Specialists, Ship's Servicemen, Mess Deck Master-at-Arms, Food Service Attendants, Laundrymen, and Sailors designated to track hazardous material. Supply also makes sure the crew has the chance to have fun. The department's "Fun Boss" manages the ship's Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) activities. The MWR operation ensures the crew has plenty of fun things to do while in port and at sea when they're not working, providing everything from intramural sports to movies and even video games.




Made up of 9 Sailors, the ship's Training Department is responsible for executing a comprehensive shipboard training program to attain and sustain maximum combat readiness as well as the professional development of all hands. Additionally, the Training Department oversees the USS GEORGE H.W. BUSH (CVN 77) Academy, providing a shipboard indoctrination training program which ensures that every Sailor who reports aboard has the resources they need to become an intergral member of ship's company.




The Weapons Department is responsible for the security, stowage, breakout, issue and shipment of all conventional weapons and explosive devices on board USS GEORGE H.W. BUSH (CVN 77). With five divisions comprised of more than 300 Sailors, Weapons Department also supports the mission requirements of embarked air wing and special warfare units as well as the physical security of the ship.