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What are Navy Family Ombudsmen?

Navy Family Ombudsmen are the liaisons and communication links between the command leadership and the command families. We act as the Commanding Officer’s representatives, providing information and support to our outstanding Navy families. The Ombudsman Code of Ethics guarantees professionalism and confidentiality, as set forth within our program guidelines. Please be advised that in the event of child abuse or neglect, spouse abuse, potential suicide risks, or any other life endangering situations we are mandated to report these to the proper authority. As command ombudsmen, we are volunteer, command-appointed spouses that have received specialized training to assist you in any situation. As a Navy spouse we know and understand the hardships of serving as a Navy family, and we offer a wealth of resources to educate you on what the Navy has to offer. Contacting the ombudsmen is the first step in discovering the large network of support and assistance that is available. We are available to you 24 hours a day, but ask you reserve “middle of the night” calls for emergencies only. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

USS Harry S. Truman Ombudsmen Team:

HST Ombudsman #1:     757-572-4052     hst_omb_1@hstruman.net

HST Ombudsman #2:     757-572-9473     hst_omb_2@hstruman.net

HST Ombudsman #3:     757-572-7690     hst_omb_3@hstruman.net

HST Ombudsman #4:    757-572-7568     hst_omb_4@hstruman.net

HST Ombudsman #5:     757-572-6751     hst_omb_5@hstruman.net

HST Ombudsman #6:     757-572-7190     hst_omb_6@hstruman.net

USS Harry S. Truman Careline Number:

1-888-HSTRUMAN (478-7862)