USS Harry S Truman


Welcome to the USS Harry S Truman Family Readiness Group (HSTFRG)!

The purpose of the HSTFRG is to plan and conduct social, informational, care-taking, and morale building activities that will increase family readiness and enable the total Navy family to meet the challenges of the mission and military lifestyle.

HSTFRG is a sponsored command organization. Members include spouses, parents, grandparents, children and fiancés.

The HSTFRG helps:
·         Prepare members for deployments and homecoming.
·         Provide family support during deployments.
·         Families adjust to challenges and to support one another in times of personal, unit or area crises.
·         Welcome/mentor members who are new to the Navy lifestyle.

When families of deployed service members know their resources, have fun and can draw on the strength of new friends, coping skills are enhanced and deployment anxiety is reduced.

There are a few different ways to get information from the family readiness group.

FRG Monthly Meetings: Meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday each month (join email distribution list for meeting location). The most reliable information is given out at our meetings. Due to OPSEC some information that is given out at the FRG meetings cannot be given out any other way.

Email List: To be included in the email distribution list, your Truman Sailor must email the Communication Liaison from his or her ship account at HSTFRG_RSVP@yahoo.com. Have your Sailor provide his or her rank/rate, name, department and division along with the names of people they wish to add, their email addresses, and relationship to the Sailor.

In accordance with our by laws, spouses of ship's company may attend monthly meetings without prior endorsement.  Spouses of air wing, squadron and embarked staff Sailors and Marines must be endorsed by the Sailor or Marine prior to the spouse attending our monthly meetings. ALL extended family/friends of ALL Sailors and Marines must be endorsed by the Sailor or Marine prior to attending our monthly meetings. Endorsement may be obtained by following the steps outlined above.  If the proper documentation/endorsement is not obtained, the spouse/family/friend will not be authorized to attend our meeting until endorsement is received, and unfortunately they will be asked to leave the meeting. This is done to protect the safety and privacy of the crew!


President– Shannon

Vice President  – Amber

Treasurer - Jackie

Secretary - Ashley

Communications Liaison - Jennifer

To contact one of the Command Ombudsman, click on the Ombudsman tab or email hstombudsman@gmail.com.



Please Remember:

  1. Don't discuss future destinations or ports of call!
  2. Don't discuss future operations or missions!
  3. Don't discuss dates and times of when we will be in port or conducting exercises!
  4. Don't discuss readiness issues and numbers!
  5. Don't discuss specific training equipment!
  6. Don't discuss people's names and billets in conjunction with operations!
  7. Don't speculate about future operations!
  8. Don't spread rumors about operations!
  9. Don't assume the enemy is not trying to collect information on you so he can kill you, he is!
  10. Be smart, use your head, and always think OPSEC and COMSEC when using email or phone!

For more details regarding OPSEC, visit www.nioc-norfolk.navy.mil or  www.facebook.com/NavalOPSEC.