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To request a TR SPONSOR, please follow these THREE simple sets:

1.  E-mail the Command Sponsor Coordinator: and/or

2.  In the e-mail subject line type "Request a Sponsor".

3.  Please copy and fill out the below required information and paste it into the e-mail:

·         Name:

·         Rank/Rate:

·         Cell # w/ area code:

·         Home phone # w/ area code:

·         E-mail address:

·         Current mailing address:

·         Command/Organization that you are presently attached:

·         Expected transfer date from your current command:

·         Expected date of arrival to TR:

·         Mode of travel:

·         Emergency Contact Information:
Phone Number:
E-mail address, if available.

·         Comments:

In the comment’s section please include your leave dates, A and/or C Schools, estimated date of arrival/report to the command, and housing needs. The e-mail will be sent to the sponsor coordinator and you will be contacted.

*Privacy Advisory: We will not obtain personally identifying information about you when you visit our site. Any contact information that you provide will be solely used to respond to your request and not stored on this site.  Please be aware that emails containing PII must be digitally signed and encrypted. Ensure that the recipient of the email has a "need to know".  Lastly, properly mark your email; place "FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY - PRIVACY SENSITIVE" in the subject line of the email. In addition, place "FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY – PRIVACY SENSITIVE: Any misuse or unauthorized disclosure of this information may result in both criminal and civil penalties" in the body of the email. See SJA Update 12-01 Marking of Documents, dated 18 January 2012, for more information.