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Man train, and equip strike fighter squadrons with the right capabilities, at the right time, to meet combatant and fleet commander requirements in conducting the nation's military strategy, we orchestrate wing operations, maintenance, training, inspections, administration and safety programs.



The world's premier strike fighter wing, serving foremost our fleet squadrons and air wings, committed to effeciently developing, combat ready units able to fully meet combatant and fleet commander requirements.

Values and Principles

  • We will be accessible and attentive to all our stakeholders
  • We believe in teamwork and each of us, working together, are vital to the strike fighter wing and share responsibilitiey for success
  • We believe in focusing on the process, and when able implementiong sustainable process improvements
  • We will be engaged mentors and standard bearers
  • We will lead by example and active involvement
  • We believe as leaders we must be credible expertsand a source of subject matter expertise
  • We will at all times be truthfull, keep our promises, treat others fairly, and show respect
  • We believe in open communicationsand transparency; we are the communication bridge between higher and lower echelon commands
  • We believe our work enviroment must be one of professionalism and respect, providing value and worth to all members; we believe diversity is a strength
  • We believe in continual development of all personnel, providing each the opportunity to grow, learn, lead, and meet thier individual professional and personal goals
  • We believe learning is a continuous, engaged undertaking, and we must be receptive to new ideas
  • We believe in empowering our trained subordinates