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Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron Three Five Inbound Magicians- Congratulations and Welcome!  You are joining the Navy’s newest Helicopter Squadron, employing the premiere MH-60 Romeo helicopter and the MQ-8B/C Fire Scout unmanned rotary-wing aircraft.  You will find this assignment the most challenging and fulfilling of your naval career.  You are joining a highly motivated team as part of HSM 35, which is located at Naval Air Station North Island, Coronado, California, just across from downtown San Diego.

As a member of the World Famous Magicians, you will be assigned a sponsor to assist you with reporting aboard and checking into the command.  Your sponsor will contact you prior to your arrival and will be able to answer a majority of your questions regarding the Squadron, the Air Station, San Diego, and local areas.  If you have not been contacted by your sponsor within 30 days of your anticipated check in date or have any questions and/or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the Administration office at (619) 545-8916.  If you require travel assistance to our location contact your local Personnel Officer or PSD.

 Command Address:

 Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron Three Five

 FPO AP 96601-1530

 Admin Office  -  619-545-8916

 Quarterdeck - 619-545-8895

 Additional area numbers:


 a.  Base Information:  619-545-1011

 b.  Navy Lodge Reservations:  619-435-0191 or 800-628-9466

 c.  Fleet and Family Service Center:  619-545-3071

 d.  Housing Office:  619-556-8443

 e.  BEQ Reservations:  619-545-9551