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Mission Statement

Welcome to the Fleet's sole MH-53E and Airborne Mine Countermeasures (AMCM) Weapons Systems Training School! Our mission is to provide the finest MH-53E flight training to pilots and naval aircrew while instilling the tactical foundation that enables the development of experienced AMCM professionals.

Philosophy: Airborne Mine Countermeasures, vertical onboard delivery, and the numerous other important missions that are conducted by the MH-53E are vital to sustainment of the fleet and essential to ensuring that we prevail while operating forward during times of both peace and war. It is our collective responsibility to ensure that the men and women who leave this command will be the best-trained and prepared for highly successful tours in the MH-53E community

Professionalism: As the MH-53E FRS, we serve as stewards of the AMCM community and hold ourselves to standards higher than our shipmates in the fleet squadrons. Take pride in ownership and never lose sight we are training the future of the community and serve as the gateway for those who provide this critical warfare capability.

Quality and Excellence. Strive for this in all that we do. Every flight should be a quality learning experience and we must all endeavor to be efficient in order to provide the greatest training impact with our valuable limited resource--training time.

Mission first, people always. Safety underpins all that we achieve and no training mission has to be accomplished while jeopardizing safety. Take care of yourself, your squadron mates, your family, and the rest will fall into place.

I am proud to serve as your Commanding Officer. As such, I am dedicated to fostering a superior professional environment within a highly efficient training organization that proudly upholds the AWSTS motto, "Only the finest pilots and naval aircrew pass through these halls".

                                                                      AWSTS Commanding Officer