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MILPERSMAN PREFACE 22 AUG 2002 Page 1 OF 1 PREFACE 1. MANUAL TITLE. Reference to this manual shall be by its title, Naval Military Personnel Manual, or by its short title, MILPERSMAN. 2. ARTICLE NUMBERING …
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NEC Codes Excel Conversion To Access Select Blank Database Enter File Name Select Create Select External Data tab Select Excel (to import spreadsheet) Enter NEC Excel file location Select Option for how …
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1 CHAPTER IV RATING SERIES AND SPECIAL SERIES NEC CODES A. PURPOSE Rating series NEC codes are for a limited number of ratings and are used for billet requirements and personnel assignment. Rating series …
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NEC NEC_LONG_TITLE NEC_XLONG_DESCR SR1_1 SR1_2 SR1_3 SR1_4 SR1_5 SR1_6 SR1_7 SR1_8 SR1_9 SR1_10 SR1_11 SR1_12 SR1_13 SR1_14 SR1_15 SR1_16 SR1_17 SR1_18 SR1_19 SR1_20 SR1_21 SR1_22 SR1_23 SR1_24 SR1_25 SR1_26 SR1_27 SR1_28 SR1_29 SR1_30 B_PYGD1 P_PYGD1 SR2_1 SR2_2 SR2_3 SR2_4 SR2_5 SR2_6 SR2_7 SR2_8 …

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