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Destroyers, crews, families headed for Rota

If you want to find out about moving to Rota, this site can help. If you are trying to find out about working and living at NAVSTA Rota, you will find this information here. If you want to know all about the area, about the country, about making the most of your Rota, Spain tour, this site has plenty to offer.

In short, if you are headed to Rota, Spain, this is the place to be. We have scoured the Internet so you don’t have to, collecting information, pictures and videos so you can learn all about Rota long before you hit the beach there.

At this site, you’ll find a clearinghouse of websites where you can read about, look and see just what the housing there looks like; whether or not your kids can join Scouts or play Little League there; all about Euros and Toros. These links, photos and videos are organized into subject areas in the tabs above. Each one includes an email link so you can ask a question and get direct feedback. Or, you can read the questions already received, answered and provided for your information.

Start your Rota tour by choosing one of the 9 tabs which leads to more than 250 websites, more than 350 photos, numerous videos and nearly 500 Q&As. And, please email us with any questions and concerns.