Rear Admiral Patrick H. Brady, Commander SPAWARSYSCOM - Change of Command Announcement







First 90 day Strategic Business Plan:

  1. Getting Navy C4I Program of Record system on new construction platforms
    led by 
    RDML Jerry Burroghs.
  2. C4I Maintenance & Modernization Improvements
    led by Marty Brown,
  3. C4I Governance & Technical Authority
    led by Mike Spencer.
  4. SSC alignment with 10th Fleet's operational initiatives
    led by CAPT Kohlheim and CAPT Urbon.
  5. Instilling culture of efficiency from a larger Navy point of view
    led by Rod Smith.

...And one just do it:

Conduct a deep dive into Team SPAWAR's support of PEO EIS
led by RDML Joe Rixey.


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